An Alternative Christmas Movie Guide

by thethreepennyguignol

Happy holidays!

No But Listen

Well, it’s that time of year – everything’s drawing to a close, and it’s time to settle down with some movies to forget about everything you’ve still got to do in the following year oh my God it’s so much. And we’re here to pick up where we left off – after our alternative Halloween movie list, we’ve decided to share with you our favourite unconventional festive flicks. To the list!

  1. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Where would we be without a little horror at Christmas-time? Of all the spooky Christmas films I love – and there are many – this is one of my favourites. A twisted dark Finnish fantasy revolving around the creature from Finnish folklore who defined our modern interpretations of Santa Claus, it’s just a beautiful, lovingly made creepfest that has plenty to say about the way we have twisted the festive season into something…

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