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Mental Illness, Media, and the “Beautifully Broken” Woman

Trigger warning for self-harm, anorexia, suicide.

Recently, as you can probably tell, I’ve been thinking about mental illness and it’s representation in the media. While it’s certainly gotten better in the last few years, there’s still a certain subset of representation on TV and in movies that seems to have left a particularly indelible impression on society. And one of those little snapshots of mental illness in the media is that of the “beautifully broken” girl- the sexy young chick whose mental illness is directly connected to her desirability.


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Stop Getting Down on The Get Down

Critics are arseholes. I know, because I am one. We’re impossible to please, even when you think you’ve come up with something infallible. Christ, there’s even been a backlash against the nigh-on flawless Stranger Things. If that isn’t untouchable, we might as well all give up now. Just cancel TV and save us all the trouble.


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Fifty Shades Darker: Chapter Seventeen

Happy Sunday, my good readers! The football season is back, and I’ve already been crushed with disappointment as an Arsenal supporter, so I figured I’d take this feeling of utter, endless let-downery and turn it into something constructive- ie, a new Fifty Shades Darker recap! I can’t believe we’re already on chapter seventeen- another brutal journey draws into it’s second act once again. Speaking of which, did I mention I linked up all my Fifty Shades recaps in the blog directory? You should check that out.

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A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Rogue One Trailer

Well, good morning all- I’m up and about early for me (yes, yes, I know) because the cat just fell down the side of the bedside table in a shrieking, clawing mess and I had to rescue and then comfort her, and while I did so, lo and behold, I noticed that the new Rogue One trailer had been released. And who am I to pass up the opportunity to dissect it?

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Where Did UnREAL Season 2 Go Wrong?

After season one, I was totally enamoured with UnREAL. It was an odd little show, a meta-drama set behind-the-scenes of a reality dating so that certainly was not The Bachelor, no siree bob, not a chance in hell, and it just…worked. Packed with feminist commentary, phenomenal performances (Constance Zimmer, deservedly, got nominated for her Emmy earlier this year), and some real attempts to depict the racism, sexism, and all-round awfulness that goes into making shows like Not the Bachelor, it was just a solid, engrossing ten episodes of TV. Yeah, it had some missteps, but what first season doesn’t? Their eagerly-awaited second season would surely solidify their good points and do away with their excess baggage.


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Fifty Shades Darker: Chapter Sixteen

Sorry about the longer-than-usual wait between recraps, but Suicide Squad was on and y’all know I had some major thoughts on that. Oh, and I realized last night- despite the fact that I’m writing about erotica (“erotica”) I think I failed to mention up until know that I write my own, under a pen-name, which you can buy if you’d like to check it out/stick a massive middle finger up at EL James. Which, I believe, we are all obliged to do as human beings.



I picked Robert Pattinson for extra bonus reminding-everyone-of-plagiarism points

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I Don’t Know What I Fucking Expected, Part 2: Suicide Squad

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, and, well, you’ve probably just got me to watch Suicide Squad.


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Scrubs: A Retrospective

As I foolishly do once every few months or so, this week, I dug out some old episodes of Scrubs. Now, to be clear, this review will be dealing with “golden age” Scrubs, ie, seasons one through seven, because I either haven’t seen the other two seasons or have actually forgotten everything about them, I legitimately don’t recall.


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Impressions of Shows I Have Not Seen

So, there are many TV shows out there that are wildly popular-unavoidably so, some might say- but that I have yet to actually see (I know, I know, the thought of me not having seen a show is literally impossible to concieve of, but stick with me here). Obviously, despite my not actually having seen them, I do end up with impressions of these productions based on the interminable hype around them and small snippets I have actually caught over the years, whether or not any of my impressions are in any way accurate. And I thought it would be fun to share my stupid, underinformed impressions of these shows with you. Warning: potentially offensive for anyone who’s actually a fan of the shows listed below.

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Fifty Shades Darker: Chapter Fifteen

It’s a beautiful summer day today, and I’m rendered incapable of going outside because I STILL have The UTI From Hell and it’s just not playing ball right now. So, while I’m pissed off and miserable and in pain anyway, I figured it was time to get started on this week’s Fifty Shades Darker recap!

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