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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

RAPE JOKES: Release Date + Pre-orders!

Ah! It’s Friday and I have some exciting news to share. I feel like I’ve been trying to keep from just blurting this out on the internet all week long, so I’m just going to get right to it.

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Movie Review: Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood

Okay but this review made off with my wig and has not been seen since

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The Scariest Horror Show You Haven’t Seen

I feel like I have made my love for creepypastas abundantly clear on this blog already, but in case I haven’t: I fucking love creepypastas. For those who have lives enough not to know what they are, they’re basically the internet versions of campfire scary stories – tales passed around forums and websites, from user to user, growing and evolving with every retelling and every new detail added by all those people bold enough to stick their fingers in and get involved. They’re multimedia projects, that span text and video and chat and sound, that allow for anyone who engages with them to add to the mythos in some way or another.

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Movie Adaptations That Work Way Better Outside Their Origins

Just some more light Ari Aster snark tbh

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Not All Men

Not all men.

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Movie Review: Animals

Animals is so nearly the movie of my dreams.

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The Best And Worst of Stephen King

So, I think everyone who’s ever inched close to this blog by now knows that I am a huge fan of Stephen King. My first great literary love, I still have a huge soft spot for him, look upon a lot of his back catalogue with deep affection, and probably always will. But that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t put out some stinkers, too. And I figured – hey, why not share my favourite Stephen King books right here alongside the ones that I think sucked the hardest? I know I have some controversial choices here, but I stand (heh) by them – and would love to hear your best and worst, too. So, without further ado, let’s look at the standouts – the good and the bad – and get down to rankin’ some writin’!

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Actually Sort Of Coping

So, it’s been around half a year since I started writing about living with OCD and all the nonsense occasionally hilarious bullshit that comes with it. And thus, I thought now might be a good time to talk about some of the good that’s come from being diagnosed – namely, everything that’s actually worked to make my life a little more liveable now that I know what the heck I’m dealing with.

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The Worst Miscasts We’ve Ever Seen

You ever see a casting announcement and just think: what?

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The Best Villain of Orange is The New Black

So, Orange is the New Black is over, and I’m sure by now you’ve read precisely ten thousand commentary articles on the show as a whole: the best characters, performances, arcs, seasons, episodes, moments. And quite rightly so – OITNB has consistently, despite some wobbly seasons, proved itself as a dynamic, diverse, woman-centric piece of storytelling with a solid mix of the serious and the silly, as well as providing platforms for a collection of awesome actors to launch their careers off of.

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The (In)Essential Tarantino

You know, for a long time, I’ve been trying to figure out what it is I don’t like about Quentin Tarantino.

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