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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

The Most Exciting News in the World (Plus Q&A)

I still can’t believe I actually get to write this post. But here goes. This is pretty much the most exciting, terrifying, holy-shit-this-mix-of-emotions-is-going-to-make-me-burst-into-tears announcement I’ve ever made in my life, and so I’m just going to blurt this on to your lap before I spend another half-hour dancing around the house with excitement.

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Franchise Fanatic: Final Destination

Get on it friends

No But Listen

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Happy Monday, one and all! Spook season is upon us, and that means it’s time to indulge in some fun – and hey, sexy is the new scary, right? With that thin justification out of the way, let’s get to point of this post – the fifth part of ALPHA FEMALE, The Distance, is out right now! Check out the cover and blurb below:

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Doctor Who: Tenuous Assistants Render Dynamic Intergalactics Standard

Well, after last week’s tentative but pleasing opening to the series, we’re back for this second episode. Traditionally, from The End of the World onwards, these episodes revolve around an adventure into space, and this week’s outing, The Ghost Monument, is no different.

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The Marketing Department: Pet Semetary Trailer


No But Listen

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American Horror Story S8E5: Boy Wonder

Look. I’m trying with this season, I really am. I’m trying not to let my disdain for Coven get in the way of what could be a fun, goofy season, I’m trying not to let this convoluted mega-plot undercut the episode-by-episode entertainment. But this week’s episode, Boy Wonder, a sequel to last week’s outing, was a genuine slog, and I’m starting to wonder if this greatest-hits season has anything to offer but sheer indulgence.

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Riverdale S3E1: Labor Day

Well, hello, and welcome back: not only is this week the return of Doctor Who, but the beginning of the third season of TV’s resident chaos demon, Riverdale. If you’re just joining us now, check out my recaps for the whole of season two, right here. If you’re back for more, let’s get this Skeet Ulrich crush machine show on the road!

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No But Listen: Rob Zombie’s Halloween

Let me rant about a movie I love to you

No But Listen

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The Mess of Jake Paul

So, in case you missed it, let me catch you up on the current drama consuming Youtube and the surrounding social media platforms right now: Shane Dawson, a thirty-year-old Youtube monarch with eighteen million followers, has recently turned his hand to making series surrounding controversial Youtubers (including Jefferee Starr and Tara Mongeau). These videos, investigating the motivations, histories, and businesses of these creators, have proved incredibly popular and often offer redemption for creators consumed by the controversy surrounding them, put forth as documentaries (even though they lack any real journalistic bite).

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Doctor Who: Tender Adventure Restores Dependence in Series

Well, here we are: back for another season of Doctor Who. But this isn’t like the last time, or the time before that, or the one before that, when stepping into a season premier was the beginning of slowly feeding myself into a ten-week long meat shredder cranked by Steven Moffat himself. No, things are different now. And I’m excited.

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American Horror Story S8E4: Could It Be…Satan?

Well, last week, I wondered how on earth this show was going to move forward after it flipped the board so utterly in the last episode. And this week, I have my answer: they’re not. They’re going to go back, instead. And I think – I think – it’s the better choice.

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