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The Fifth Year: How to Get Away with Meh

Why The Force Awakens is the Star Wars Movie We Deserved

Star Wars week starts with the case for The Force Awakens!

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Carrie Recaps: Chapter Ten

As we draw closer to the holiday season, it seems about time to step back and look at what’s important: family, friends, appreciating the good in our lives, and catching up on all of my Carrie recaps so far. On with the latest installment!

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Riverdale Recaps S2E8: House of the Devil


For all that Riverdale gets right – and make no mistake, I think most of the front half of their second season has been strong – it’s still got it’s problems. Just a shame it had to thrust them up front and centre for their midseason finale.

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Vikings Recaps S5E3: Homeland

Vikings is setting itself up for a stonker of a fifth season. I have to admit it – I’ve been so wary of committing to the belief that the show is actually back on track, but this episode, Homeland, proved that Vikings still has a firm grip on so many of the things that make it great, while at the same time striking out into some enticing new territory. And I like it. Well, most of it, but we’ll get to that.

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Movie Review: The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is too invested in The Room for it’s own good.

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A Question of Porn

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No But Listen: On The Shining

Debating the merits (and lack thereof) of The Shining!

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Riverdale Recaps S2E7: Tales from the Darkside

And we’re back! Yep, Vikings is broadcast on the same night as Riverdale so it’s taking pride of place for the time being (since I’m not the only one reviewing it in our house) and Riverdale recaps are going to be shifting to Friday instead (and hey, in case you want something to fill the gap between recaps, I published a super fun, meta-commentary lesbian romance earlier this week!). And, well, frankly I’m glad to have had the extra day to give this episode some thought because it was…a lot.


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Vikings S5E1/2: The Departed

And we’re back! Since the last set of Vikings recaps, I published two books as well as launching a film criticism site. Without further ego, let’s get to the recap!

What does a post-Ragnar world look like for Vikings? It’s a question I’ve been asking since his death three-quarters of the way into last season, and one that the show hasn’t really offered a definitive answer to until the double-header that opens it’s latest season.

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The Marketing Department: Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Mark Ruffalo is terrible as Bruce Banner don’t @ me

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