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The Fifth Year: How to Get Away with Meh

American Crime Story Recaps S2E9: Alone

This is going to sound really strange, given how much I’ve loved a lot of this season of American Crime Story, but, with the season finale behind us, I think the last nine episodes have told a story that ended more a failure than a success.

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UnREAL S3E4: Confront

What an odd episode.

Not that I totally mind odd episodes of TV – I am a die-hard fan of the oddest show on TV, Riverdale, after all (which I also recap on this blog, but like, you know, whatever). And UnREAL suits oddness – it’s a show that revels in the bizarre internal workings of reality TV, as last week reminded us, and that lends itself to some choices that would be seriously strange anywhere else on television. But let’s take a look at the oddness at work in this week’s outing, Confront.

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The One With the Eating Disorder

Hating my body was the easiest thing in the world.


Here’s an extremely unsettling picture of me to set the mood


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Movie Review: Tomb Raider

If you can say one thing for Tomb Raider, at least Alicia Vikander got the worst performance of her career out of the way early.

No But Listen

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Riverdale Recaps S2E15: There Will Be Blood

“Of course he did,” Cheryl sighs when she finds out that her father had a secret will. There’s a lot of moments like that in this episode: of course Fred Andrews has always wanted to run for mayor. Of course Chic isn’t who he says he is. Of course Cheryl’s Not What He Seems long-lost uncle turns up at the family’s will-reading. Of course there’s a scene with an actual, honest-to-God blood pact. Of course.

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American Crime Story S2E8: Creator/Destroyer

And just like that, with one week to go, they’ve got it back.

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UnREAL Recaps S2E3: Clarity

This entire episode kicks into gear with a UTI, and it’s just less pleasant from there on out.

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Carrie Recaps: Part Fifteen

Sorry for the break in recaps – these posts tend to eat up quite a lot of time, so sometimes they have to get forgone if I have a lot of work to catch up on or, you know, if there’s a really good match on or the Oscars to deal with or something. We left off last time as the carnage at the prom began to unfold, and we pick up with an interview with a local drunk who recounts, in an exceptionally long Q-and-A session that I swear takes up a good half of this entire chapter, what he saw as Carrie started her rampage.

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Why Jessica Jones Season Two Doesn’t (Quite) Work

I didn’t write about the first season of Jessica Jones. There were lots of reasons for that, but the biggest one was because the show felt so personal to me: as I wrote about Lady Bird a few weeks ago, it’s hard to really take a critical look at something that feels as though it’s so tied up in you as a person. And that’s a compliment to the show. It’s hard to think of the last time a run of episodes felt so gallingly specific, to the point where I just can’t take a look at the show on it’s strengths and weaknesses because it felt like jamming a finger into some raw part of my own brain and sloshing it back and forth a bit.

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Movie Review: You Were Never Really Here

As brutal as it is brilliant, Lynne Ramsay’s latest is the best movie of the year so far.

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