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The Fifth Year: How to Get Away with Meh

Doctor Who: Tenaciously Average, Relentlessly Dull, Irritatingly Standard

You know, I didn’t think a lot about last week’s season premiere, The Pilot, in the time between that episode and this one. I mean, that probably is a good sign – with episodes I hate, I find myself washing dishes three days later and quietly fuming over some tiny plot-hole that I’ve just realized exists. But I ended up half-forgetting that the show had even come back, with the episode’s inconsequential plot and relative alrightness being neatly filed away in my head, not to be thought of again. Coming into Smile, the second episode of the season, I couldn’t help but hope for something a little more memorable, even if it was more flawed; something I could actually get my teeth into and enjoy reviewing.


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13 Reasons Why and How Not To Tell Stories About Suicide

Enormous trigger warning for suicide. Seriously.


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Fifty Shades Freed: Chapter Ten

It’s Tuesday, the football’s on, and I have a large bar of dark chocolate to distract me from the cigarette cravings and the fact that my country just called for another fucking election. Let’s do this thing!


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Doctor Who: Throwaway Aside- Really Delightful Introduction to Sidekick

So, here we are: season ten of Doctor Who has finally hit our screens, and it’s time for me to pick up the solemn blogging mantle once again.


On a side note, I loved everything Pearl Mackie wore this episode, especially this hat.


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A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: The Last Jedi trailer


Ahem. Moving on.

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Things That Will Definitely Happen in Fargo Season Three

After re-watching seasons one and two of Fargo, I have some thoughts on what will go down in season three.


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Trouble Clef Release Announcement!

Hello, everyone, and I hope you’re having a great week so far. Mine is going brilliantly, thanks in no small part to the fact that today is the release date for my new novella, Trouble Clef!


Maya has spent decade putting her time as one quarter of a world-famous girl band, Trouble Clef, behind her, along with the intense romance she shared with her closeted bandmate Kyra. But now, ten years after their last controversial show, Trouble Clef has a chance to pick up where they left off with a reunion tour, and Maya is forced to face the past—and the undeniable feelings she still has for Kyra—once more.

As some of you may know, I write romance and erotica under the pen name Kara Lowndes. Trouble Clef – yes, that title is a straight-up shameless pun and I’ll never apologise for it –  is a contemporary lesbian romance novella, and it’s very gay and pretty funny and I’m very excited for you to read it. It’s available as an ebook and is Kindle compatible, so if you’re looking for something short, sweet, and sexy to get you through till summer, I have just the thing for you…

Trouble Clef is published by Evernight Publishing, and is available through Amazon (UK and USA) as well as the publisher’s website. If you’re looking for something shorter, I released a contemporary lesbian short story (Amazon link) last year that might hit the spot (pun more than intended).

A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

Wee, it’s time for the first trailer for the new movie of everyone’s favourite Avenger, Thor! What a way to start the week. Let’s get into it!

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The Nuances of Problematic Pop Culture

Let’s just get this straight.

For a long time, critiquing pop culture was my job. And I loved it – that’s the reason I still run this blog after moving on to other things that didn’t involve getting far, far too passionate about Glee. Being an intersectional feminist, it seemed obvious to look at pop culture through that lens and frankly, if you’re looking, it’s not hard to find dozens of examples of TV shows, movies, and books that exhibit sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc, etc. Even the finest shows have problematic content just by virtue of existing in a society where a lot of the above listed stuff is pretty well accepted. I love Outlander to death and think it’s a striking look at gender roles, femininity and masculinity, but that doesn’t make that child rape scene they threw in season two in any better taste, you know?

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How I Got Into Freelance Writing

So, I get asked a lot about how I got into freelance writing for a living, so I thought I’d write a blog post covering that, plus the pros and cons of freelancing as a full-time job.

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