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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

RAPE JOKES: Release Date + Pre-orders!

Ah! It’s Friday and I have some exciting news to share. I feel like I’ve been trying to keep from just blurting this out on the internet all week long, so I’m just going to get right to it.

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I Have a Terrible Taste in Music

Every time I’m at a party, a gathering, a meeting of minds, the conversation will, at some point, turn to what music we’re going to listen to. Which bitingly modern EP will make the cut? Which classic album should we dissect once more? Only one question hangs between us, unspoken, because the answer needs not be heard. Because there’s no way in hell that anyone is letting me pick the band. Hi, I’m Louise, I’m twenty-four, and I never fucking learned how to listen to music!

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Movie Review: Arctic

Telling a story without significant dialogue or backstory requires an impeccable grasp on the language of cinema, and that’s exactly what Joe Penna uses to unfold the sparse, engaging story at the heart of Arctic.

No But Listen

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OCDiaries: Irrational, Bitches

Hi, honestly, I’ve just written this post because I want to talk about Trufa, the dog my parents are fostering right now and maybe the love of my life.


Look at her. LOOK at her. Look at her. Her little mismatching ears! Her white beard! She’s so distinguished! I only got to spend a few days with her and I’m honestly devastated. My cat who? We stan Trufa in this house. And speaking of bitches (heh), let’s get to me.

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Game of Thrones, By a Fucking Idiot S8E6: The Iron Throne

Well, it’s over.

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Riverdale S3E22: Survive the Night

Guys, I’m tired.

If last week’s review didn’t tip you off, let this one be the review that does. I do love Riverdale, I do. I love how batshit crazy it is. I love that it just did a straight noir homage episode earlier this season. I loved the musical episode. I loved the hysterical flashback nonsense. I loved so much of it. But now…but now, like Yoda, it’s time for me to settle down, give you one last long monologue, and became a force ghost who doesn’t have to write these recaps anymore.

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Movie Review: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile

Can we get over Ted Bundy already?

No But Listen

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Game of Thrones, By a Fucking Idiot S8E5: The Bells

Here’s the tea, here’s the real inside scoop (and no, it’s not about the Youtube drama that’s been going on this weekend, but you know, get on that), here’s everything you’ve been waiting to here: keep your voice down, make sure the curtains are drawn, because I’m going to say it.

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How Youtube Has Changed The Way We Gossip

I’ve written a lot about Youtube before. As one of the primo video streaming platforms on the planet, it’s an almost unavoidable part of popular culture. And, for my money, it’s been changing the way we interact with major facets of the media – from Petscops’ horror to Shane Dawson’s, uh, we’ll call them documentaries, Youtube is hacking its way through the undergrowth of the curious, still relatively new place it holds in pop culture.

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IT: Chapter 2 Trailer Analysis

Gettin’ HYPED for IT Part 2

No But Listen

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Riverdale S3E21: The Dark Secret of Harvest House

I spent a lot of the last season of my Riverdale reviews annoyed that so many people seemed to be shitting on the show. “What more do you want?” I demanded. “It’s just doing what it’s always done! You can’t get mad at a show for doing what it set out to do!”

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