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Basically, this page will be updated periodically so readers like you can navigate around The Cutprice Guignol more easily. I know that a lot of posts get lost deep within the depths of this blog, so hopefully you’ll be able to dig out the ones you actually want to read using this page.

Fifty Shades of Grey Stuff

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 1

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 2

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 3

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 4

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 5

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 6

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 7

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 8

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 9

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 10

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 11/12

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 13

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 14

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 15

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 16

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 17

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 18

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter 19

Fifty Shades Recaps-Chapter Twenty

Fifty Shades Recaps-Chapter Twenty-One

Fifty Shades Recaps-Chapter Twenty-Two

Fifty Shades Recaps-Chapter Twenty-Three

Fifty Shades Recaps-Chapter Twenty-Four

Fifty Shades Recaps- Chapter Twenty-Five

Fifty Shades Recaps-Chapter Twenty-Six

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter One

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Two

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Three

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Four

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Five

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Six

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Seven

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Eight

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Nine

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Ten

Fifty Shades Darker-Chapter Eleven


Miscellaneous 50SOG

An Open Letter to Dakota Johnson

Shelters and Graveyards: Abuse, BDSM and Love Stories in Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

“It’s Just a Book!”: Examining Abuse in Fifty Shades of Grey and After


Feminism Stuff

Everything Wrong with This Month’s Issue of Cosmo

TERF Wars: Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists

Is The Big Bang Theory Sexist? Well, Yeah.

Why Feminists Should Watch Sexist TV

The League, and the problem with sitcom sexism

Ex Machina and Sexy Naked Ladies

How Do You Make a Non-Sexist TV Show?

Sexy Costumes, Agency, and Video Games

TMI: Vaginimisus, Me, and Why We Need to Talk About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Let’s Talk About Rape on TV

I Don’t Care if You’re a Feminist

Protein World, and how to shut up feminist

The Flattering Fallacy

On Body Image

Yes Means Yes

On Celebrity Culture and Abuse

On Angry FeministsOn Angry Feminists

Sex and Sexuality Stuff

Michael Winterbottom, pistolwhipping and the BBFC: Sex and Violence in Movies

Through a Glee, Darkly: Transphobia, Biphobia, and the LGBT Community 

Bisexuality on Television 

In and Out of the Closet: Bisexuality and Me

TV’s problem with the word “bisexual”

Inhumanity, Bisexuality, and American Horror Story: Hotel

Greey, Lying, or Slutty: Straight-Passing and Bi-Erasure

Amber Heard and Biphobia in the Media

Mental Health Stuff

Pure Mental: Madness on TV

Should Television Have Trigger Warnings?

Tumblr, Self-Harm, and Me

Self-Harm, and the Danger of One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

On the “University Experience”

On Trigger Warnings

Old TV Reviews, Finally Sourced and Linked! So angry, so hate-filled, so much funnier than the stuff I write now.

How to Look Good Naked

Don’t Tell the Bride

The Great British Bake-Off

Total Wipeout


Secret Diary of a Call Girl

America’s Next Top Model

Man vs Food

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Snog Marry Avoid

Fifty Shades of Gre

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