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As well as maintaining this mighty blog, I also write LGBT erotica and romance under the pen name Kara Lowndes. Here’s where you can buy them! If you’re interested in reviewing my work, please feel free to contact me in the tab above.

Right Guy, Wrong Time: A #MeToo Love Story – Pre-Order – Frayed Edge Press


Pre-Order my debut novel, Right Guy, Wrong Time, at the link below! This book is a romantic comedy about life after rape, dealing with sexual dysfunction, misogyny, recovery, and relapse through the lens of the classic romcom. 

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Alpha Female – Series

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  Syd Becker knows something has to change. Her sex life has been dead in the water for years, nothing but a string of bad hook-ups with wannabe-dominant men intent on controlling her. She’s desperate for something different, and Syd begins to wonder if she’s the one who should be in control instead.

Soon, she finds herself entangled in the world of female domination, and wrapped up in an intense relationship with the Hunter Bauer, the lead singer of a local punk band with a deliciously submissive streak. She’s soon pushing her limits – and his – to places she never knew she could, and their bond is deepening in ways she never predicted…

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Ruthless – Re-release

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A small-town lesbian in the big city. It should be easy. Except for Ruth, it’s anything but predictable. Born with powers she can’t explain, she escaped to the sprawling metropolis of Dollar to figure out why she was endowed with her mysterious gifts. But, three years later, she’s none the wiser – until she gets hit by a car and a mysterious nurse named Killian comes to her rescue. But Killian has a dark past that she’s desperately trying to leave behind and, as a dangerous organization uncovers Ruth’s secrets, they must fight to keep their intense romance alive.

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A Month On Set – Cobblestone Press


When camera operator Lisa turns up to her latest movie set, the last thing she expects to find is her current crush, Iris, in the leading role. With a strict no-dating policy among the cast and crew, the two women find themselves fighting their impulses, their desire culminating in one unforgettable encounter. 

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Trouble Clef – Evernight Press


Maya has spent years putting her time as one quarter of a world-famous girl band, Trouble Clef, behind her, along with the intense romance she shared with her closeted bandmate, Kyra. But now, ten years after their last controversial show, Trouble Clef has a chance to pick up where they left off with a reunion tour, and Maya is forced to face the past.

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