Just Some Lesbian Sex

by thethreepennyguignol

Happy hump day! For no particular reason at all, I’m honouring this hump day with some lesbian sex. Well, lesbian erotica, anyway – I published my lesbian erotic romance Ruthless last year – you can get it right here, and you can find a little taster (pun fully intended) of the hot sex you’ll be getting inside below! Very, very, very much NSFW/18+ under the jump:

Her mouth traveled down my chin and finally found mine; she pushed her tongue against mine at once, kissing me roughly as her hands moved down to cup my ass and pull me hard against her. Maybe it was just the narrow-minded small-towner in me talking, but I never would have pegged Killian for a dominant in the bedroom. But I had to admit, my surprise wasn’t hard to get over when she was so damn good at it.

“Fuck!” I gasped as she kissed down my throat, hooking her hands around the edge of my dress and pulling the two sides of the wrap apart to expose me completely. She let out something between a growl and a groan as she moved down, sinking her teeth briefly into the spot just above my nipple before moving back up to kiss me again.

“You said you had a vibrator, right?” she murmured in my ear, and I almost spluttered with laughter at the question.

“I’ve been single for a long time,” I reminded her. “Of course I do.”

She grinned, her smile almost wolfish when matched with the heat behind her eyes, and caught me around the waist so she could throw me down onto the bed. The dress fell away, leaving me in nothing but my underwear, and she stood for a moment looking down at me as she peeled off her jacket and tossed her shoes aside. My breath started coming a little faster, my body arching off the bed instinctively as I tried to get closer to her. She leaned down to run her hands up my waist, pulling my hips up and off the bed as she leaned down to plant a kiss on me through my panties.

I let out a loud moan as the tantalizing heat from her mouth moved through the fabric. I had known this was coming as soon as we’d met up earlier that evening, when I’d seen the way she’d looked at me in the wrap dress that my mom had purchased for me years ago for graduation. She’d run her finger up my back approvingly, a smile curling up on the corner of her mouth as we waited to pick up our tickets for the movie. I had hardly been able to pay attention to what was going down on the screen in front of us, as the atmosphere between us was borderline pornographic. I was surprised we didn’t get hoiked from the theater just for the looks we were exchanging.

“Where is it?” she asked, lifting her head and glancing around the room. It took me a second to realize she was talking about my vibrator, and I quickly opened the drawer and pulled it out. She took it from me and flipped it back and forth in her fingers while her other hand absent-mindedly stroked up and down the inside of my thigh. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes; she could drive me crazy without even trying, and I wasn’t sure that was entirely fair.

Finally, I heard the buzz of the vibrator as it sprang to life. It was just a regular bullet vibe, the trusty one I’d ordered online in discreet packaging when I was a teenager. I still remember the day it arrived, when I used it for the first time and it felt like I’d discovered some insane secret that I had to share with the rest of the world post-haste. Killian pressed it against my pussy through my panties, rocking it back and forth a couple times so the shallow vibrations ricocheted throughout my body. I bit my lip, hard, and glanced down to see her between my legs, watching me with interest.

Every time we’d ended up making out, she’d seemed determined to figure out my exact reaction to everything she did, like I was a somewhere between a science project and a fuck-buddy. Not that I minded; when had attentiveness ever been a bad thing in bed?

After a few seconds, she grabbed my panties and pulled them down my hips so I was exposed. I watched as her face lit up like a kid on Christmas, her eyes trailing down over me as though she was doing her best to hold herself back because waiting would make it all the sweeter.

“Can I eat you out?” she asked, looking up at me and already knowing the answer to the question. I nodded, not quite able to get the words out. She seemed to take great pleasure in having me acquiesce to her, and it turned out that hearing Killian talk dirty was a very specific fetish I had had all along.

She moved in slowly, so that her lips were hovering just an inch or so away from my cunt; she watched for my reaction, shifting her head back and forth as I squirmed beneath her. She slowly slid one hand around to my ass, tilting my hips up, and with a leisurely slowness, lowered her mouth to my pussy.

She let out a long sigh as soon as her tongue found my clit, as though she had been waiting all day for that moment. It had begun to rain outside, and the light tapping against the windows was like white noise, blocking out the sound of anything on the street below. All that mattered was her, her mouth, her tongue, her breath. Her fingers sank into my ass as she formed a seal around my clit with her lips and sucked lightly, glancing up at me to take in my reaction. Her eyes seemed to flash with satisfaction for a moment before she tilted her head to the side so she could suck on my lips, letting out a small, satisfied purr as she did so. The vibrations sent shivers up inside me, and she seemed to remember that she was still holding my vibrator in her free hand.

She flicked it back into action and pressed the small plastic bullet against my slit, dipping it lightly into my soaking wetness and then back out again. She lifted her head to watch me as she slowly, slowly, eased the whole thing inside me; I couldn’t take my eyes off her, or the smile that curled up onto her lips as my mouth fell farther and farther open with every pulse of the vibrator. I generally only used it on my clit, but inside me it felt… It felt like some sort of seismic land shift going on between my legs. As soon as the vibe was as far inside of me as it could go, she leaned down and lazily swiped her tongue back and forth across my clit a few times.

“Uh…” I managed, running my hands through my hair and arching my back up off the bed in time with her tongue. I was already close. She twirled the vibrator back and forth between her fingers, letting it hit every inch of my cunt, and continued the slow, steady pace of her tongue against my clit. Her eyes didn’t move from mine, and the look on her face—that was all I needed. I glanced down at her once again, and finally felt myself tip over the edge.

I didn’t make a sound as the sensations rippled through my body, my muscles tensing and releasing and my clit throbbing with an almost painful sensitivity as she drew back and let her hot breath bathe me once again. She swiveled the vibrator around one more time before pulling it out, sending me into another convulsion beneath her.

“Why must you torture me like this?” I moaned playfully, finally peeling my eyes open and lying back on the pillow as she clambered on top of me.

“Well, if you didn’t make it so fun…”