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Riverdale S3E22: Survive the Night

Guys, I’m tired.

If last week’s review didn’t tip you off, let this one be the review that does. I do love Riverdale, I do. I love how batshit crazy it is. I love that it just did a straight noir homage episode earlier this season. I loved the musical episode. I loved the hysterical flashback nonsense. I loved so much of it. But now…but now, like Yoda, it’s time for me to settle down, give you one last long monologue, and became a force ghost who doesn’t have to write these recaps anymore.

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Riverdale S3E21: The Dark Secret of Harvest House

I spent a lot of the last season of my Riverdale reviews annoyed that so many people seemed to be shitting on the show. “What more do you want?” I demanded. “It’s just doing what it’s always done! You can’t get mad at a show for doing what it set out to do!”

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Riverdale S3E20: Prom Night

It’s a strange episode of Riverdale, really,when the show seems to remember that it still has some vague tethering to the real world. Prom? Who’s that? Never heard of her, not in between the serial-killing and fantasy role-playing and even our heroes trying to boil people alive in hot tubs.

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Riverdale S3E19: Fear the Reaper

Everything that matters in Riverdale happens after dark.

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Riverdale S3E18: Jawbreaker

There’s a lot of talk in this episode, Jawbreaker, about people needing “to come back to reality”. Which is pretty fucking bold for a show that’s as wildly off the rails as Riverdale right now.

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Riverdale S3E17: The Raid

Maybe you woke up, on the first day of this year, and thought “yes, this is going to be my year”. Maybe you worked hard. Maybe you really focused in on yourself, making your life happier, fuller, a warmer place for you to live. Maybe you really believed it was the year of you. 

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Riverdale S3E16: Big Fun

Alright, you know what? That’s it. I’m done.

I’m done trying to make sense of this show. I’m done trying to figure out what the best version of Riverdale is – I’m done lying awake at night imagining KJ Apa lurking at the end of my bed and croaking horrors about another fucking boxing episode. Trying to find logic in what makes Riverdale work is very possibly the reason that I am currently seeing a therapist. You look back over these recaps and tell me that they haven’t just been a desperate record of my personal descent into madness. I defy you.

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Riverdale S3E15: American Dreams

I just want to remind you up top that my fucking DEBUT NOVEL comes out in FIVE DAYS which means you just have a few days left to get it at a pre-sale 20% discount. Right here! Get on it! Go on!

This week’s outing, American Dreams, is Riverdale’s fiftieth episode. Which could be a chance for the show to pause and reflect on things – but instead, we’re gallumphing forward with the speed and control of a runaway hippopotamus. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Riverdale S3E14: Fire Walk With Me

It feels strange to be writing this Riverdale recap this week. I know a lot of you are here for the snark on TV’s biggest trainwreck, but there’s a heavy weight on the back of the show right now, and that’s because, on Monday, Luke Perry passed away.

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Riverdale S3E12: Bizarrodale

Every season, one episode has me capital-C Concerned about Riverdale. Is this show…alright? Do the people involved need help? Blink twice if you’re in danger, Madchen Amick. I’m calling your parents and staging an intervention.

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