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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

Just Some (More) Sex

Happy Saturday! You all seemed to enjoy (ahem) that post I shared earlier this week from my lesbian erotica writing, so it seems like primo time to share some of my Straight nastiness with you, too. In case you missed it, I released a femdom-themed erotica series last year, called ALPHA FEMALE, that you can get your hands on right here in its entirety. Need a little taster? Take a look at one of the smoking-hot sex scenes below. NSFW/18+ under the jump:

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Riverdale S3E20: Prom Night

It’s a strange episode of Riverdale, really,when the show seems to remember that it still has some vague tethering to the real world. Prom? Who’s that? Never heard of her, not in between the serial-killing and fantasy role-playing and even our heroes trying to boil people alive in hot tubs.

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The Marketing Department: Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Analysis

There is no doubt that this trailer, for sure, exists

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Just Some Lesbian Sex

Happy hump day! For no particular reason at all, I’m honouring this hump day with some lesbian sex. Well, lesbian erotica, anyway – I published my lesbian erotic romance Ruthless last year – you can get it right here, and you can find a little taster (pun fully intended) of the hot sex you’ll be getting inside below! Very, very, very much NSFW/18+ under the jump:

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Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame

So…was Endgame actually good?

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Game of Thrones, by a Fucking Idiot, S8E3: The Long Night

Look, arguably, the Battle of Winterfell, the central point around which this week’s episode of Game of Thrones revolved, was set to be one of the most impressive episodes of action television ever made. And quite well it fucking should be: it took an alleged two straight months two film, is the length of a full fucking movie, and is pretty much what everyone, including the show, has been holding their breath for since the start of this season. The living versus the dead! Fire versus Ice! Some dragons versus, uh, some more dragons!

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Sugar Rush Recaps: S1E4/5

And we’re back! Sorry for the long break – between Riverdale and Game of Thrones and trying not to sink into a pit of anxiety, I haven’t had time to check in with my favourite lesbian anti-hero recently. But we’re back, with an action-packed two-parter that’s just confirming everything I already thought about The Rise of marriage-endin’, STD-catchin’, mis-translatin’ Krim.

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Riverdale S3E19: Fear the Reaper

Everything that matters in Riverdale happens after dark.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Retrospective: Captain America: Civil War

Crash-course your way through the entire MCU with our retrospective of every single movie so far!

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