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The Fifth Year: How to Get Away with Meh

Rape Jokes Q&A

Hey! In case you missed it, I have a book coming out – my debut novel, Rape Jokes, is getting a print and ebook release at the end of this year with the amazing Frayed Edge Press. And you guys had some questions about Rape Jokes (everyone does when they hear that title). So, without further ado, let’s get into the Q&A and talk about release dates, titles, bad ideas, and everything in between!

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Riverdale S2E20: Shadow of a Doubt

How the hell is this season going to end?

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Best Episodes Ever: The Pilot

Well, you voted for it, so here it is: the first of my new blog series, Best Episode Ever. In this series, which will run for about ten weeks, I’ll be looking at exactly what makes a great episode of television: from premiers to finales to bottle episodes to action, sex, and character studies, I’m going to be breaking down precisely what makes an episode of TV brilliant, drawing on a number of shows, old and new, in the process.

And it makes sense to start at the beginning, so I’m kicking off this series with a look at what makes a great first episode. And the show I’m using to investigate that? The Walking Dead.

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Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

I loved this movie, and I’m as surprised as you are.

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TV Characters I Would Fight: Part Seven

So, after I actually enjoyed (?!) a superhero movie (?!?!?) I feel like it’s only right that I retreat to my normal headspace of, you know, hatin’ all over everything for kicks. And that brings me to another instalment of TV Characters I Would Fight. Oh, while we’re on the subject of series – I’m currently taking votes on what my next blog series should be now that my UnREAL recaps are finished and we’re drawing to a close on Riverdale, so hit me up over there if you have something you want me to cover! And we’re at lucky number seven this time around – but not so lucky for the motherfuckers I’m going to joust with over the course of this article. Fists up, shanks drawn, let’s begin!

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Riverdale S2E19: Prisoners

So, at the end of last week’s episode, when the Black Hood returned, I thought it made for a great cliffhanger but wasn’t sure if they could follow through. After all, it was the Black Hood plot in the first half of this season that left me so cold – it just felt rushed, unfinished, and in retrospect that’s for a reason, but still. Riverdale had been doing well without a central mystery pulling everything together and I was sad that we seemed to be moving away from that once again. But then, this week’s episode Prisoners came swinging on by to prove me right the fuck wrong and I am all the way on board once more.

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The Golden State Killer and the Appeal of True Crime

Fuck,” I muttered to myself when I switched on my computer this morning. “Fuck.¬†Fuck.”

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UnREAL S3E9/10: Codependence/Commitment

I think the most frustrating thing about this season of UnREAL has been all the unrealized potential.¬†Because, with the two-part finale behind us (entitled Codependence and Commitment, for those who liked that kind of thing), it’s hard not to look to the beginning of the season for all that the third season of Lifetime’s reality-TV based show promised.

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Movie Review: Pacific Rim: Uprising

My crush on John Boyega continues unabated

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