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The Fifth Year: How to Get Away with Meh

Carrie Recaps: Part Nineteen

Sorry for the break between chapters (a refrain so well-repeated you must know it by heart by now). I’ve been travelling a lot, and work has been piling up, and sometimes I just want to sit and play old LucasArts games from the late nineties instead of grinding away at another chapter of this book, you know? Anyway. Of interest: I read the new Stephen King book, The Outsider, and it was yet another example of his recent work that starts really strongly before fading to meh by the end of the third act. That said, it did feature a really strong female character (lifted from a totally seperate trilogy, mind you, which annoyed me in it’s own right) who was never referred to by her titties, so…progress?

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The Stages of the England Fan

Well, it’s the World Cup – and I know many of you are probably seething with infuriation at having to evenĀ think about it for a split second, but I love football and I love the World Cup. What I don’t love about the World Cup? The fucking England squad.

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No But Listen: Hereditary

And I wanted to like this one too

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Movie Review: On Chesil Beach

I love Ian McEwan and I love this adaptation.

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Best Episodes Ever: The Death

Sorry for the delay between this new episode and the last – my family were visiting and also to be honest I just spent a lot of time this last week face-down in my cats belly fur. But we’re back, and this time we’re looking at something good and jolly: death. Lots of shows have tried to make death impactful – from the emotional success of American Crime Story to the shock of How to Get Away with Murder to the failure of The Walking Dead, the relative success or lack thereof can make or break a show.

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My Best (And Worst) Bisexual TV Characters

Hello, my fellow bisexuals, assorted LGBTQ people, and miscellaneous straights! It’s Pride Month, and I wanted to write something fun this time around (with a little snark because, you know, that’s my thing). So I’m talkin’ about my favourite bisexual characters on TV, and some (those written by Ryan Murphy and Steven Moffat, mostly) that missed the mark. To the list!

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Movie Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

A big fat vegan dinosaur film, especially for me

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Jurassic Park Retrospective: Jurassic World

The new Jurassic World movie is out tomorrow! Catch up on my look back at all the Jurassic Park movies so far, starting right here:

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I’m not beautiful.

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No But Listen: Zama

Zama was amazing but I totally get why people hate it

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