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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

The X-Files and the Monsters of That Week: First Person Shooter

To paraphrase Jane Austen (this is off to a good start), it is a truth universally known that, when genre shows create stories based around technology, these episodes will start to look dated immediately.

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A Bountiful Bound Through Brilliant Body Horror Movies

You know when you look in the mirror and think “shit, I should write something about body horror!”

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The Very Best and the Very Worst of Every Doctor’s Run on Doctor Who

You know, my deliciously brilliant co-writer has been doing a series on this blog about the very best and the very worst of Monster of the Week episodes of his beloved The X-Files. And it’s gotten me thinking about my own favourite shows, especially those with a similar format – science-fiction, horror, one-off monsters….

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Lost S1E21: The Greater Good

Lost, for the most part, so far, has been about secrets.

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The X-Files and the Monsters of That Week: Hungry

Season seven of The X-Files is the last of the original run to feature both Mulder and Scully as the main protagonists. A combination of David Duchovny’s fatigue with the role of Mulder, and the fact that he was suing the network for unpaid royalties, meant that he would spend season eight in the margins of the show before leaving for good at the beginning of season nine, only to appear for the last episode. It’s fitting, then, that for my favourite season seven monster of the week I chose an episode in which Mulder and Scully barely appear at all. After the break of season six’s Triangle, I’m back to being Vince Gilligan’s hype man: let’s talk about Hungry.

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The Most Iconic Horror Villains, Ranked

In which I dunk on Jason Voorhees, for good reason.

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My Very Favourite Standalone TV Episodes

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like jumping into a whole series, you know? It just feels like too much of a commitment to sit down and stick to six or eight or twenty-four episodes, when I could be spending my time brewing elaborate teas and smelling my cats head.

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Lost S1E20: Do No Harm

You know, I dunked a lot on Jack at the start of this season.

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I Watched Grease for the First Time

I just love this article a lot

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The X-Files and the Monsters of That Week: Alpha

Throughout this series of articles, it has been quite easy picking the worst of what The X-Files has to offer, and season six is no different. Going through the episode list, past the many classics and the many just-good-enough episodes, there is one that takes the prize above all else: the killer dog debacle that is Alpha. And I’m not just saying that because my little dog-hating cat has a claw to my throat.

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