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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

TV Crossovers I’m Mad Haven’t Happened Yet

Well, last week was all ooh, let’s be introspective about sobriety and ooh, let’s moan about Daleks and ooh, let’s talk about the Spiderman movie and its relationship to grief and frankly I’ve had enough. I want to poke my nose into something stupid and fun and entirely pointless, and so today we’re taking a look at all the TV crossovers I’ve ever suggested while munching chocolate at ten in the evening in front of my third Doctor Who rewatch of the year. To the list!

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Movies We Can’t Wait For in 2019

I’m only living for the Artemis Fowl movie tbh

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Movie Review: Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

Yeah, this is the best Spiderman film I’ve ever seen

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Chapter Ten

Well, welcome to 2019 one and all! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that you’ll come join me for another seven chapters of hungering lustily over Rubeus Hagrid, #BaeOfGiants2K19 squad where ARE you at.

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The Worst Movies of 2018: Part Two

Catch our second worst-of list for 2018!

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A Year Without Alcohol

So, I’ve been sober for a year.


This is my cat, sitting on me as I write this, high off her face on treats and superiority. 

Just over a year, actually – at about ten to eleven the New Year’s Eve before last, I drank half a glass of really bad red wine that stained the inside of my lips and gave me a headache. And that was the last time I drank alcohol.

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Doctor Who Review: Resolution

Well, what a way to start the year – with a Doctor Who review. Instead of the Christmas special, we have an hour-long episode to kick off 2019, and I’m so ready to get into it.

Honestly, I’ve been missing Doctor Who since the day it finished. While last season had a wobbly start, it kicked into high gear with the back end and just killed it week after week. As I wrote in my review of the finale of the last series, it’s been so nice to feel like I’ve fallen back in love with one of my favourite shows of all time.

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The Best Movies of 2018: Part One

closing out the year with some good stuff

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Movie Review: Bandersnatch

A medium-bending genre piece pushes the boundaries of what cinema can do.

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