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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

Sugar Rush Recaps: S1E4/5

And we’re back! Sorry for the long break – between Riverdale and Game of Thrones and trying not to sink into a pit of anxiety, I haven’t had time to check in with my favourite lesbian anti-hero recently. But we’re back, with an action-packed two-parter that’s just confirming everything I already thought about The Rise of marriage-endin’, STD-catchin’, mis-translatin’ Krim.

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Riverdale S3E19: Fear the Reaper

Everything that matters in Riverdale happens after dark.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Retrospective: Captain America: Civil War

Crash-course your way through the entire MCU with our retrospective of every single movie so far!

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Game of Thrones, By a Fucking Idiot: S8E2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Episodes set on the eve of battles – whether metaphorical or literal ones – are often standouts for any show. If everyone is on the brink of losing everything, then you don’t need to bother with the careful teasing-out of all the emotional nuances you’ve been working with. People are honest, they’re usually drunk, and they have nothing left to lose – so all those big emotional denouments you’ve been waiting for? Yeah, it’s time to cram them all in.

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On Oversharing

Hey, I’m Lou! Would you like to hear about my vagina? Or my self-harm? Or my sexuality? Or my anxiety disorder? Or depression? How about my vagina again? I’ve written about it all, in great detail, right here, for your browsing pleasure.

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Movie Review: The Sisters Brothers

John C Reilly shines in a curious, transient Western from Jacques Audiard.

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Riverdale S3E18: Jawbreaker

There’s a lot of talk in this episode, Jawbreaker, about people needing “to come back to reality”. Which is pretty fucking bold for a show that’s as wildly off the rails as Riverdale right now.

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Game of Thrones, by A Fucking Idiot: S8E1: Winterfell

Hey, hey, hey, have you heard of this show? It’s called Game of Thrones. It’s pretty niche, so I don’t even know why I’m writing these recaps, but I figured I would introduce it to my esteeméd blog audience to –

Yeah, okay, enough with that. You all know Game of Thrones is here, and that it’s final season started last night. In the time between this recap and that broadcast, you’ve probably seen dozens of well-written, beautifully-researched, gorgeously-analytical pieces of writing on the show and what it means for popular culture. Too much of that, some might say. So what if you wanted something different? What if you wanted to read Game of Thrones recapped by, say, a fucking idiot?

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Star Wars: Episode IX Trailer Analysis

Hi! Did I mention I love Star Wars!!

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TV Shows That Aged Seriously Badly

Some shows just aren’t made to go back to. I have no doubt, for example, that Riverdale is going to be looked back upon with bafflement and as a cosmic glitch in the space-time continuum – but today (for once) I’m not talking about Riverdale. No, I want to take a look at some of the shows from yesteryear that just don’t stand up to closer inspection – okay, some of these may not be that old, but I think it’s time for me to jam my nose into them and get down to some good snarkin’ anyway. To the list!

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