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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

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A Sneaky Greenland Trailer Analysis

This is a Gerard Butler stan account now

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No But Listen: On Heat

There’s so much that drives me nuts about this Michael Mann so-called classic.

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Our Favourite LGBTQ Horror Movies for Pride Month

This just in: Horror is GAY

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Movie Review: Artemis Fowl


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Saturday Smutty Six: LGBTQ Romances on Holly’s TBR

Check our this excellent list of LGBTQ romance recommendations (including one of my books!).

The Smut Report

There are so many awesome books out there, and we can’t talk about all of them (or even read them), so I figured I’d take a second to talk about some of the books I haven’t read yet, but definitely want to get to. This list is not comprehensive, but is rather a sample of books that I have saved either in my Kindle app or my Libby app.

Putting together the list brought some of my preferences into sharp relief: I prefer F/F or queer M/F stories to M/M stories, and I love LGBTQ historicals. So if you can’t get enough of M/M contemporaries, you should probably ask Erin for recommendations.

Titles link to the book’s Amazon page. 

Ruthless by Kara Lowndes

Kara Lowndes is an indie author whose blog I started following last year because she had the snarkiest Game of Thrones recaps. Since she writes sharp…

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A Salacious Scavenge through My Preferred Psychological Horror

Sometimes, a girl just likes to go a little nuts.

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Hot Bisexuals, the Safety of Sexiness, and the Fetishization of Queer Women

“Wow. That’s hot.”

Would you like to know how many times I have heard someone say that to me when they find out I’m bisexual? I would love to tell you, but, at this point, I’ve lost count.

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A Fascinating Fondle Through My Favourite Folk Horror Films

The only film that understands the TRUE horror of arts and crafts

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Lost S1E14: Special

I was scammed before with the promise of a Naveen Andrews episode, which ended up a total let-down and more focused on this whole “mythology” thing that I’m sure the show’s going to lose interest in soon enough, but this week, I have finally been gifted with a killer platform for a great actor that the show actually seems to want to do something with.

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I Watched The Godfather For The First Time

I know it: how DARE I

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