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The Sixth Year: American Sigh Story

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Game of Thrones, By a Fucking Idiot: S8E2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Episodes set on the eve of battles – whether metaphorical or literal ones – are often standouts for any show. If everyone is on the brink of losing everything, then you don’t need to bother with the careful teasing-out of all the emotional nuances you’ve been working with. People are honest, they’re usually drunk, and they have nothing left to lose – so all those big emotional denouments you’ve been waiting for? Yeah, it’s time to cram them all in.

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Movie Review: The Sisters Brothers

John C Reilly shines in a curious, transient Western from Jacques Audiard.

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Riverdale S3E18: Jawbreaker

There’s a lot of talk in this episode, Jawbreaker, about people needing “to come back to reality”. Which is pretty fucking bold for a show that’s as wildly off the rails as Riverdale right now.

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Game of Thrones, by A Fucking Idiot: S8E1: Winterfell

Hey, hey, hey, have you heard of this show? It’s called Game of Thrones. It’s pretty niche, so I don’t even know why I’m writing these recaps, but I figured I would introduce it to my esteeméd blog audience to –

Yeah, okay, enough with that. You all know Game of Thrones is here, and that it’s final season started last night. In the time between this recap and that broadcast, you’ve probably seen dozens of well-written, beautifully-researched, gorgeously-analytical pieces of writing on the show and what it means for popular culture. Too much of that, some might say. So what if you wanted something different? What if you wanted to read Game of Thrones recapped by, say, a fucking idiot?

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Star Wars: Episode IX Trailer Analysis

Hi! Did I mention I love Star Wars!!

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The Marketing Department: The Lion King Trailer Analysis

“ah, yes, of course that Hornbill is actually esteemed political show host John Oliver!”.

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Trying To Make Sense of AHS 1984

Wow! It’s American Horror Story-o-clock already? Yes, the first trailer for the next season, subtitled 1984, is here, it’s probably pretty queer, and it’s going to be going ahead without Evan Peters. And hey, as your local cynical American Horror Story scholar, I think it’s only right that I take a look at it, right? To the teaser!

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Movie Review: Pet Semetary

The search for a good adaptation of this brilliant book continues

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No But Listen: On Ryan Gosling

Okay, let’s settle this Ryan Gosling thing once and for all

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Ryan Gosling. Either that name has you trying to pre-book tickets or searching for the “x” button on your browser so fast that your fingers start to melt. For some reason, this leading man seems to be one of those most divisive figures in Hollywood today; either you adore his performances in critically acclaimed movies like Drive and Ides of March and can’t wait to see what he does next (like my boyfriend inexplicably does), or you’re baffled by the spoon-faced, goose-named flavour of the month who doesn’t seem to realize that his five minutes of stardom should have finished about four years ago (like I very logically do). In fact, this is a debate that happens my boyfriend and I have at least twice a week and now we figured that (since we both write and have pointlessly strong opinions about pop culture) now was as good a time…

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Is the IT Movie Better Than the Book?

We’re going to be taking a look at Pet Semetary this week, so why not catch up on our previous Stephen King coverage with this deep dive into IT?

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Like many readers, Stephen King occupies a special place in my pop culture education. For many years I wasn’t interested in reading at all: in fact, I actively avoided it throughout my childhood in favour of TV shows, film, and football. Unsurprisingly it was the Harry Potter series that sparked my interest in the written word. I was 12, the movie adaptation was coming out in a few months, and I decided to see what all the fuss is about. Don’t worry, this article has very little Potter in it: the internet doesn’t need me to keep that obsession alive. What JK Rowling’s novels did do, especially with Prisoner of Azkaban onwards, was gradually delve into darker themes and settings, making it the perfect platform for my introduction to books with more bite. So I asked my mother about this guy called Stephen King. His books could be seen in…

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