A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: It Trailer

by thethreepennyguignol

Hello, horror fans, and let me usher you into my house and cackle deeply for effect and then we can all sit about and talk about how bloody great Stephen King is. I’ve been a fan of his work for years and years, and may or may not have Derry fan art up in my house right now.


So without further ado, let’s get our teeth into the first trailer for It, featuring one of my many beloveds, Bill Skarsgard!

0:03: I watched this trailer earlier – by which I mean my boyfriend dragged me out of the bath as soon as it was released – and I was pretty “meh” about it. Then I went to the corner shop to buy some cat food and had to pass by a church in which a group of children were singing along to an organ and was forced to restrain myself from leaping into the nearest storm gutter yelling “SAVE ME BILL”. So it was probably more effective than I initially thought.

0:12: I don’t know why I’m inflicting this show on myself considering that one of the only things that really, really gives me the willies is small children crying or upset. I tend to burst into sympathy tears without realizing it. There’s a reason I’m a writer and not a babysitter for a living, is what I’m saying. I love the aesthtic of these shots; one of the things Stephen King does best is creating this defined sense of place, and this seems to be capturing that nicely

0:30: I already want to reach through the screen and tuck Georgie under my arm and move to that nice town down the road, Jerusalem’s Lot. I’m sure nothing terrible will happen there. I’m not sure whether the trailer is getting that feeling out of me or my knowledge of the book is, but still, something’s doing it’s job.

0:43: I am VERY keen for Bill Skarsgard in this role. If his brothers are anything to go by, it seems like a performance on the spectrum of “unsettling” will suit him really well. Tim Curry is a hard act to follow, but I’m confident he can do it.

0:54: I like the fact that Derry, the place, is taking front and centre here. It’s such an integral part of the story, as much a character as any of the kids, and I dig the uneasy sense of time and place they’re evoking here.

1:04: I don’t think It is one of King’s best books (that ending, I rest my case), but it is one of his more unsettling works, and I hope they go full-throttle on the horror here. That shot of the balloon wafting through the classroom is just…shudder.

1:13: Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things in goofy giant glasses! 10/10 must-watch television.

1:23: I don’t want to sully this so-far excellent trailer, but this seems as good a time as any to wonder whether or not they took out the child gangbang? I really, really, sincerely hope so. I leant this book to my best friend a year or so ago having wiped that scene from my memory and she was deeply disconcerted by it’s appearance in the book, and frankly I don’t want to have to worry about having to add the disclaimer “…as long as you discount the kid orgy” to this show, too.

1:30: The horror genre has always been a great one for child actors- The Sixth Sense, Signs, Stranger Things, etc – and in what little snippets we’ve seen so far this cast all looks great.

1:43: I don’t recall this scene from the book, but it’s giving me real Slenderman vibes and I’m into it.

1:57: FUCKING CLOWNS MAN. This shot of his claws coming at the kids is excellent stuff.

1:59: I’m loving the fact that they’re going so hard on the tantalising horror stuff without delivering super-gore or payoff. This is a good bit of palatte-whetting.

2:10: I retract my earlier statement; FUCK SPOOKY KIDS, MAN. Not literally. Though with this book…nah, this is good, and genuinely scary. More!

2:17: Meh. That final money shot of Pennywise was kind of cheap and a bit silly and takes away from the trailer as a whole but there’s no way they weren’t giving us something. Overall, I give it a OF COURSE I’M GOING TO WATCH IT BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY WHEN IS THE STAND ADAPTATION FINALLY COMING OUT?!