A Re-Introduction to My Books

by thethreepennyguignol

Now, if you’ve been a reader of this fine here blog for a while, you’re probably aware that I have a few books out. And perhaps you enjoy my writing enough here to feel the urge to check one of them out, and don’t know where to start. So, I’ve decided to put together a little introduction to all of my books that goes beyond what you’ll find on the Buy My Books page to help introduce (or re-introduce!) my delicious, hot, and very, very cool blog readers to my fiction work – all the titles of the books go to links where you can buy them, should you be so inclined. Let’s get to it!

As Louise MacGregor

I write under a couple of different names – first, I’d like to talk about the books I’ve released as Louise MacGregor, which feature the work that’s more challenging and focused on heavier topics.

What You Need To Know:
Misandry is a short story fiction collection exploring the concept of man-hating via a selection of different interconnected narratives set in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s part horror, part social commentary, part gross-out nastiness just for the fun of it, and each story is illustrated with exclusive artwork from the amazing Cody Sexton.
Read If: You like Chuck Palahnuik’s Snuff, Torrey Peter’s Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones, or love deliberately nasty and boundary-pushing horror.

Right Guy, Wrong Time: A #MeToo Love Story

What You Need to Know: Originally released back in 2019 as Rape Jokes, Right Guy is a story of rape, recovery, sexual dysfunction, and what it looks like to live in a world that treats consent as secondary. It’s also a love story with erotica elements that seeks to explore what love and sex looks like after sexual assault.
Read If: You loved the 2017 movie The Light of the Moon, and want to check out a story that deals with rape from an honest, real-world point-of-view instead of the frequently inaccurate versions media presents us with.

As Kara Lowndes

Kara Lowndes is the pen-name I write my romance fiction under (it’s an amalgamation of two of my favourite female TV characters, Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica and Freddie Lowndes from Hannibal!), with a focus on queer and lesbian lovin’,


What You Need to Know: Lagrasse is a lesbian romance and coming-out novel set in a small town in France, as Matty Mackenzie moves to a mysterious old manor house left to her by her late, estranged uncle.

Read If: You love Scooby-Doo style mystery fun, you need an adorable dog sidekick in your life, and you think librarians are pretty much the hottest people on the planet like I do.

You Know I’d Never

What You Need to Know: A small-town second-chance lesbian romance, You Know I’d Never is the name of a mega-hit single that threw musician Elise to mega-stardom. But what nobody knows is that it’s about her first love, Janey, who stayed closeted and never left the town where they fell for each other.

Read If: You love music-centric stories, you think making art about your lover is the most romantic thing ever, and you know all too well what it’s like growing up as queer in a small community.

Alpha Female Series

What You Need to Know: Alpha Female is a collection of short stories following Syd as she sheds off her unsatisfying sex life and begins to explore the world of femdom.

Read If: You’re tired of femdom stories lacking romance, you love bisexual male love interests, and you want a bunch of seriously hot steamy scenes in every part.

Trouble Clef

What You Need to Know: Decades are the split of their iconic girl group, Trouble Clef, Maya, Kyra, and the rest of their bandmates have been tempted back for a reunion. But Maya is still tortured by the secret romance she shared with Kyra, which was covered up to try and maintain the band’s “family-friendly” appeal.

Read If: You love clandestine romance, a little angst, and have a whole lot of nostalgia for the early-2000s girl group scene.

A Month on Set

What You Need to Know: A Month on Set is a short story following a pair of would-be lovers who find out they’re working together on a movie set – which bans any romance between employees. Tensions build over the course of their month together until they can finally take what they want from each other.

Read If: You love a forbidden romance, you’re looking for something short, sweet, and seriously hot, and you love a little behind-the-scenes movie drama.