YOU KNOW I’D NEVER Release Announcement

by thethreepennyguignol

Happy weekend, everyone! I am ESPECIALLY happy this particular Saturday, because I get to share with you this extremely exciting news – my new book is coming out in just a few days’ time!

You Know I’d Never is my latest release under my Kara Lowndes pen-name, where I create awesome, offbeat romance and erotica. This particular release is coming to you by the amazing NineStar Press, who publish romance and erotica covering characters all over the LGBTQ spectrum – I’m super proud to have this release coming out through them, and I can’t wait to chat to new readers about this book!

Anyway, let’s get down to the good stuff: You Know I’d Never is a second-chance lesbian erotic romance novella, following small-town closeted lesbian Janey as she navigates her first love – international renowned indie rock star – Elise’s return to town. Here’s the blurb and cover art (designed by Natasha Snow!):

How do you get over the love of your life when you can’t even admit you loved her?

Janey has been in the closet her entire life—even when she fell for her first girlfriend, Elise, back in high school. After Elise left their small hometown of Clitheroe to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician, Janey knew that the only thing she’d have to remember her by was the song that Elise had written about Janey.

But that love song soon turned into the biggest hit of the decade, and Elise and her band return to Clitheroe a few years later to pay tribute to their hometown. Janey, still stuck where she was five years ago when Elise left, knows that she can’t let her ex slip through her fingers again.

But she’s still in the closet, and has no intention or idea of coming out to her homophobic family. How can she make amends with the woman she loved when she can’t even be honest with herself or the people closest to her?

You Know I’d Never is available as an ebook from 26th March 2021, if you pre-order you copy! You can get your hands on it via the NineStar Press website right here. I’m so looking forward to having this out there for all of you to read, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!