ALPHA FEMALE Final Release!

by thethreepennyguignol

Well, here it is: the final part of Alpha Female (on Hump Day no less, because I’m honestly one of the funniest people on the planet?). I’m really excited to share the end of the story with you, and a big shout out to the few hundred people who’ve been keeping up with the series this far. All your reviews, downloads, and messages of support were so welcomed, and you’ve made this project totally worthwhile for me, so thank you for that!

But now! To the good stuff. First, the previous part of the series is available for free download right here, so get on that. And, without further ado, on to the final part of the series:

the collar

Syd is at a crossroads. Hunter is halfway across the country on tour, and she doesn’t know where she wants to go with her boyfriend and submissive next. Being an alpha female brings out a side to her she never knew existed – and she’s not sure if it’s a side she’s comfortable with anymore. But with Hunter returning soon, can they figure out where the boundaries of their atypical relationship lie in time to save the unique bond they share?

Download it here!