by thethreepennyguignol

It’s the weekend, and you know what that means: it times to recline, relax, boot up that group chat, and get stuck in to all the gossip you missed this week. And what juicier gossip than a little drama courtesy of a very emotional ALPHA FEMALE?


Things between Hunter and Syd have never been more intense – so why not take it back to the start? They attend the very same BDSM party that they began their relationship at, and soon find themselves caught up in play that’s more intense than anything they’d shared before. But as Syd pushes herself and Hunter to levels she never imagined she could, what will she reveal about their relationship – and herself – in the process?

Yeah, things are getting high-drama over at ALPHA FEMALE this week, and you deserve to treat yourself. Download THE DROP here (US) and here (UK). Missed the last part Don’t worry, I got you covered: you can download it for free right here over the weekend to get caught up.