ALPHA FEMALE Release Announcement!

by thethreepennyguignol

We’ve all been there: it’s Monday, you’re staring down the week ahead with dread in your heart, you just wish something would come along to stretch that weekend out a little longer. Well, I’ve got you covered, bitch!

Yes, that’s right – I’m delighted to announce the release of the first part of the Alpha Female story, a new erotica series I’m writing under my Kara Lowndes pen name. Check out the cover and blurb below:


  Syd Becker knows something has to change. Her sex life has been dead in the water for years, nothing but a string of bad hook-ups with wannabe-dominant men intent on controlling her. She’s desperate for something different, and Syd begins to wonder if she’s the one who should be in control instead.

Soon, she finds herself entangled in the world of female domination, and wrapped up in an intense relationship with the Hunter Bauer, the lead singer of a local punk band with a deliciously submissive streak. She’s soon pushing her limits – and his – to places she never knew she could, and their bond is deepening in ways she never predicted…

Alpha Female is a femdom erotica romance and a contemporary feminist dirty-joke machine that’s going to be released in seven parts over the next two months. This is my first straight romance story and I had a lot of fun playing with a whole new set of tropes – and writing a totally different style of hot sex, of course. I love me some over-the-top femdom, but with Alpha Female I wanted to write something more grounded and accessible for people who might not have read a lot of the genre before, so even if you’re new to femdom, Alpha Female is totally for you!

This first part is a short prologue that’s available on Amazon right now. And, even better, from 4th-8th September, you can download it for free! I’ve been working on this series for a while and I’m super excited to finally be able to bring you the first release in the series (and let you check out that awesome cover, which was designed by the extremely talented Mihail Sotskov, who you can check out on Instagram here). It’s my first self-published release, so any support you can give Alpha Female is sincerely appreciated – please do leave a review if you like it, and if you have any questions about this series, hit me up on Twitter or drop them in the comments below.

You can download Alpha Female here, and remember to check back for the free download later this week!