Things That Will Definitely Happen in Fargo Season Three

by thethreepennyguignol

After re-watching seasons one and two of Fargo, I have some thoughts on what will go down in season three.


  1. The Ewan McGregor twins walking in a big jacket in split screen while a choral version of “House of the Rising Sun” plays but also, like, they’re wearing the same jacket?
  2. David Thewlis delivering a homespun metaphor in reaction to elaborate and graphic violence while drinking hot cooca.
  3. Martin Freeman doing a voiceover again in one random episode, but instead of his normal accent he’s delivering a spot-on imitation of classic NFL announcer John Madden.
  4. A pair of brother henchmen who are more affectation than character.
  5. A repressed married unleashing jovial Minnesotan hell on the surrounding community.
  6. Because it’s set in 2010, someone solemnly tweeting a meme about vuvuzelas┬áto the sounds of gruntingly dissonant bass strings.
  7. There were wives murdered in season one and wives murdering in season two so season three will have a high-kicking chorus of wives embodying the abstract concept of murder.
  8. “Blood-Splattered Snow” will finally get the leading cast credit it deserves.
  9. Someone just taking the piss with the Minnesota accent.
  10. A mistly gold colour palette.
  11. Someone who’s a metaphor for the devil, probably David Thewlis.
  12. Some foreshadowing that’s forehead-slappingly obvious on a rewatch but pointlessly oblique the first time around.
  13. A series of terrible tragedies being unleashed after a relatively mild misunderstanding.

Nah it’s going to be great. Roll on Fargo Season Three!