Blogerversary, etc

by thethreepennyguignol

I’m a little late this year, but hurrah- The Cutprice Guignol is over four years old as of this moment! I now have an honours degree in this blog. And history and journalism, because somehow I graduated this year, but whatever.

Again, thank you for all your support this year- all the comments, clicks, and shares keep this blog going, and it still makes me unremittingly happy that people actually want to read the shit that I write. I can’t believe how long I’ve been going for now, and that apparently not everyone is utterly bored by this little internet-corner’s very existence. Have a picture of me and my cat by way of thanks:


Scoop thanks you for your continued support, and also wonders if you have treats.

Other stuff: I’ve been posting a little less than normal recently. That sucks, because I love taking the time out to write stuff for The Cutprice Guignol; getting to write about whatever issues, TV shows, or movies that have been bouncing around my head is awesome, and coming here to write stuff about them is my happy place. However, being a recent graduate and all that crap, I’ve been working a lot- a whole fucking lot, in fact, just to make ends meet. Which means that this blog is naturally going to take a bit of a back burner. I’ve got no intention of shutting it down or ending my work here, but posts will be down to probably one or two a week till things get settled down, which I’m hoping will have happened in the next couple of months. American Horror Story recaps will go on as normal, and in the meantime the blog directory is right there for you to get your teeth into if you just can’t bare to be without my fabulous self till then.

So, again, thanks for all your support, and here’s to another wonderawful year at the Guignol!