A Wanker’s Literary Reaction: Doctor Strange Trailer

by thethreepennyguignol

Phew, these new trailers are really coming thick and fast this week, right? I guess Marvel had to parry DC’s suspiciously decent-looking Suicide Squad trailer with someone equally as attention-grabbing- so they’ve chucked out a teaser for the upcoming Dr Strange. Now, this is a movie I’ve heard little about, but every screenshot I’ve seen seems to suggests it’s going to be a bunch of po-faced thesps saying very silly things in very silly make-up for a hundred minutes, which could either be incredible or mind-bogglingly dull. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO!


0:13: Okay, this doesn’t look too bad- Benedict Cumberbatch pulling a hilarious face upside down in a car, snow, dramatic voiceover. If they hadn’t just referred to him as Steven (sp?) Strange, which is one of the most quintessentially comic book names I’ve ever heard, this would look like some new edgy Cumberbatch Oscarbait.

0:31: Oh, THAT’S what Rachel McAdams is doing in this movie. That clears some stuff up. Either way, we’re on montage duty at the moment, while Tilda Swinton says things that sound horrifyingly like quotes from The Matrix (THE WORST FILM EVER MADE, for reference).

0:40: Look, we can all admit that this looks like it could be a promo for the new series of Sherlock, right?

0:48: “WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THAT REALITY WAS ONE OF MANY?” as the camera pans across two vaguely similar-looking cities. Um, they know more than one city can exist in the same reality, yes?

0:53: Whoever delivered that line about the power of the leaf has one of the prettiest voices I’ve heard in a while. I’d like him to come soothingly pet my head and read Stephen King books to me while I fall asleep.

1:03: Bald Tilda Swinton is cool, but then she can pull anything off. Once again, I’m getting Matrix vibes off of this, which is really not the tone I expected from this movie. She punches Benedict in the chest so hard his soul falls out, etc.

1:12: MADS! MADS! MAAAAADS! I’ve been reminded why I was ever remotely interested in this movie. I’d watch him in anything at all, despite the set pictures of his hangover make-up.

1:25: That’s…that whole city folding in on itself thing is from Inception, right? They know that? Right?

1:42: Benedict has a depression beard, and wants Tilda to teach him. Probably how to get such an incredibly clean-shaven look while sequestered away in some kind of interdimensional training ground, presumably.

1:50: Blah,  blah, a be-caped Benedict walks dramatically up some stairs, and this whole things looks passable. I’m reminded, however, that it’s out in my birthday month therefore someone’s going to take me to see it.