Your Watchlist for International Women’s Day 2015

by thethreepennyguignol

Hey, did you know that tomorrow (March 8th) is International Women’s Day? I think that might well be a cause for celebration, so I’ve compiled a list of appropriately feminist TV shows for you to enjoy on my second-favourite Sunday of the year (you’ll never know what takes the top spot, so stop asking). Recommended with ten litres of wine, several cats, and maybe a rampant rabbit or two just strewn about for scenery (because I’ve been re-watching the atrocious Sex and the City, and dildos = empowerment). Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Women’s Day tomorrow!

1. Transparent- TV Show, availible on Amazon Prime

Ah, Transparent is just straight-up amazing, and a great big fuck you to all the Terfs out there today (that’s trans-exclusionary radical feminists, fact fans). The powerful tale of a family patriarch who becomes a family matriarch (played by the incomparable Jeffery Tambor, of Arrested Development fame), it’s a fantastic and fascinating balance of a whole family and the individual stories that spring from within that family. Taking on gender in all it’s forms, no-one is excluded from proceedings here, with depictions of gender and sexuality open-ended and treated with respect and a very dry sense of humour. There are no dud characters across the whole show, but the leading women are a particular standout because they’re represented as just as flawed and strong as the rest of the cast. Which is basically what feminism is to me.

2. Orphan Black

Side of science fiction with that feminism, sir? This is an odd choice ,because all the female leads are essentially played by one actress, Tatania Maslanay (in fact, I’m being played by Tatania Maslanay right now). And I kind of like that choice-not only does it work in the context of SCARY CLONE NONSENSE, which drives the plot, but it goes to show that there are a number of actresses who can literally do anything, anytime, anywhere, and Tatania Maslanay is amongst them, taking on everything from suburban soccer mom to lesbian biologist to low-level British con artist. This is feminist TV in action both on screen and off, with amazing characters given to amazing performers regardless of gender.

3. Parks and Recreation

For my money, this is pretty much the most outrightly feminist TV show America has produced in years, and that’s almost entirely thanks to Amy Poehler. Both on and off the screen she’s the boss, depicting a woman who’s smart, ambitious, and intelligent, but also romantic, compassionate, and loving, and, above all, fucking hilarious. I can’t bring to mind any other female character on TV who’s been given that kind of leeway in a mainstream American comedy. A flawless cast of slapstick performances make up the backdrop, and, if all else fails, Ron Fucking Swanson.