frogboil (kick ur stupid fking igloo)

by thethreepennyguignol


walled gardens // digital terrariums
scratching at the glass
pistol shrimp // pop librarians
phasing out the 5-wire // resonant neuropathy
stabilize connection while the nutrients dissolve off-screen

I think there’s something in the water
if we’re speaking metaphorically,
it’s older than the flouride & the regimental thorazine
behavior like a fungal fruit beholden to the wind
before there ever was a war machine
the spores began to drift

mouthful of dirt // mosey thru the substrate
all-noise blood feud // purgativo cupcake

anesthetized to villainy like “Boys will be boys,”
stock footage snuff reels // ironic fist’ll fill the void

it’s probably shaped like Dad
but that’s beside the point, Freud.
the ants are uniformly fractalizing coins
cropping circles out the neural net,
the glitch is pheromonal.
when aroused, the rabble march
becomes a morbid mill, prodromal

heartbeats // headaches // migraines // fluoxetine
night terrors // uresis //…

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