LIPSTICK Release Announcement!

by thethreepennyguignol

Happy Monday to one and all, but especially those LGBTQ-ers amongst us who are living for Halloween season right now. Because, boy (or girl, or otherwise), do I have something for you!

As of today, you can get your hands on LIPSTICK: A Lesbian Lockdown Love Story, a Halloween-themed gay erotic novelette. I’m so excited to share this with everyone – I’ve been playing with the idea of an erotica based on being locked-down with someone unexpected, and, with spooky season upon us, it only seemed right that I turned my hand to something holiday-themed and exceptionally hot.

So, meet Millie and Anna, new roommates stuck in lockdown together over Halloween. But they’re about to learn more about each other than they ever expected – and discover just how much they have in common. Here’s the adorable cover!

Worst. Halloween. Ever.

At least, that’s what Millie thinks, when she winds up stuck in lockdown with her brand-new roommate, Anna, on her favorite holiday of the year. No parties, no clubs, no costumes – how the hell is she going to have a good time?

But she and Anna strike a deal: they’ll both share their favorite parts of their Halloween traditions to try and salvage the spookiest night of the year. But soon, Millie and Anna find out that they have more in common than they first thought – and suddenly, this looks like it might turn out to be the best Halloween ever, after all…

You can get your hands on LIPSTICK for just ninety-nine cents on Amazon right here, right now! I hope you love it, and, if you do, please consider leaving a review or sharing it with your pals – it helps me a bunch! Have a great week, and enjoy the rest of your (gay or otherwise) Halloween season.