Six Weeks

by thethreepennyguignol


Tomorrow marks six weeks in Lockdown. Six weeks since my world stopped spinning. Six weeks since COVID-19, masks, quarantine and social distancing entered my vernacular. So what have I learned? What has this time given me? What has it taken away?

Six Things I’ve Learned in Six Weeks

  1. Human Beings, when appropriately terrified, can work together. In normal times that seemed an impossible ask. Sure enough though, human beings are capable of team work on a mass scale. Albeit when the heat is on. Perhaps when we come out the other end of this, we’ll remember to do it more often.
  2. I am incredibly privileged. My biggest issue in Lockdown has been restricting my Magnum Mini intake. Key workers, people living in poverty or insecure situations do not have that privilege. I am incredibly privileged and in a time like this, that is an extremely lucky thing to be.
  3. I’m…

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