The Decade in Review: 2013

by thethreepennyguignol

This is a film for unrepentant film geeks.

No But Listen

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Louise’s Pick: The Double

Honourable Mentions: Stoker, The Sacrament, Willow Creek

Honestly, 2013 has probably been the most difficult year we’ve had so far in this retrospective. Every other article so far has had a movie that just leapt out at me; one that just made this choice an easy decision. But 2013 has a lot of good, not a lot of great – lots of movies that I enjoyed, would recommend, but not many that made me go “Oh, yes.”

That said? This might be the exception to this rule. Richard Ayoade came on to the cinema scene with the brilliant, bizarre little coming-of-age story Submarine, and that would have been good enough to cement his place in the indie auteur category – but The Double stepped that up and then some. A loose adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novel of the…

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