The Decade in Review: 2012

by thethreepennyguignol

Sometimes, you’ve just got to go with what makes you happy.

No But Listen

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Louise’s Pick: The Cabin in the Woods

Honourable Mentions: Looper, Wreck-It Ralph, The Imposter

Now, my previous picks, they have been all about sheer magisterial grasp of the cinematic art form. I Saw The Devil and The Skin I Live In are not so much films to enjoy as films to endure to come out a better person – well, what’s left of you, anyway.

But Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the Woods is different. I mean, to be fair, there is an extraordinary amount of skill on display here, as director Drew Goddard pulls apart the horror genre at the seams and tosses it back together again with killer mermen, tequila, Fran Kranz, and probably my favourite Chris Hemsworth performance to date; I’m a huge slut for the world of horror, and, in those terms, Cabin in the…

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