ALPHA FEMALE Part Two Release!

by thethreepennyguignol

Whee! Happy Sunday, one and all, and thanks to the bunches of you who downloaded the first part of ALPHA FEMALE last week! I really hope you enjoyed it, and, if you did, please feel free to hop on over and leave a review!

The second part of the series is here, and it’s a whole lot kinkier, as Syd finds herself caught up in a kink party and realises her desires may run deeper than she ever imagined:


Syd has started to come to terms with the fact that her feelings towards female domination are a lot more complicated than she first thought, but she has no idea where to take them next. When her kinky friend Ava invites her to a play party in the city, she knows it’s the chance she needs to explore her new desires in a deeper way. And she soon finds herself drawn into playing voyeur to an intense femdom scene that sends her spiralling into a world she never knew she wanted to be a part of. But, unbeknownst to her, there’s someone she knows at this party – and they might just be exactly what she’s looking for…


You can get the next part of the series right here, and, if you want to catch up on the first part, you can download it for free here! I really hope you’re enjoying reading the series as much as I’m enjoying writing it, and, as ever, thanks for your support!