Doctor Who Trailer: A Shouty Reaction

by thethreepennyguignol

Wheee! I don’t care that this trailer is forty seconds long, I’m going to analyse the poop out of it because I’m a massive slut for Doctor Who and have been waiting seven brutal months to yell my opinions about it in somebody’s face. To the review!

0:02: Jodie Whittaker looks SICK in Peter Capaldi’s outfit. Can we just have her rocking an oversized suit for the entire run? Can we? Can you at least post them to me now you’re done with them?

0:08: That’s a gorgeous shot, and reminds me a lot of the light-driven cinematography that Rachel Talalay brought to her time on the show. I’m very happy for Who to lean into something more prestige in the directing stakes – well, as long as they can get those shitty season-long arcs sorted first.

0:10: Hurrah, the new assistants! I’m excited to see what a fuller cast will bring to the dynamic of the show, and it’s just nice to see them switching it up for a while. I always loved the wider casts of the Russel T Davies era, and hope they can invoke that same sense of togetherness with this.

0:14: That’s…Tatooine, right? From A Phantom Menace? Or at least Jakku. Crossover, calling it.

0:23: ohmigod. Sometimes I just forget for a moment that we’re ACTUALLY getting a female Doctor and it’s ACTUALLY Jodie Whittaker, and then I remember again and I feel as good as I did when I imagined myself in that oversized suit from earlier.

0:25: Jodie Whittaker with a flamethrower is the keenest I’ve been on anything in years, carry on.

0:28: Oh no, I spy horses – please, no return to the Western nonstrosity (a blend between nonsense and monstrosity) on A Town Called Mercy, I beg of you.

0:30: New sonic screwdriver alert! Well, anything’s better than the sunglasses.


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