Blogerversary + Patreon News

by thethreepennyguignol

So, last month, this blog reached it’s three-year anniversary. That’s kind of insane, considering that I started this thing just to pass the time when I was stuck in my dorm room with no-one to talk to back in first year (joke’s on them, because now I have a cat to talk to. Oh, and friends, a boyfriend, whatever) and build up some links for my portfolio. In the last year, I finished my brutal love affair with Fifty Shades of Grey, started my genuine love affair with Doctor Who recaps, and wrote a bunch of stuff on sexuality, feminism, mental health, and other topics that I never thought I would ever have had the balls to write about in public. So, firstly, a huge, mega thank-you to everyone who’s supported the blog over the last three years- all your shares and likes and comments and reads have made this worthwhile, and there’s no way I’d be doing this without you. I just hit a thousand followers a couple of weeks ago, which still boggles my mind a little bit. You’re awesome, and I’ll buy all of you a pint next time I see you.

The Cutprice Guignol has provided an awesome jumping-off point for me into the world of freelance writing, and that brings me to my next point. With my official job title being “jobbing freelance writer”, I spend most of my time writing something or other (movie reviews, album critiques, alien erotica, etc) and that takes away time I get to spend writing for the blog. As I’m not getting paid for the work I do here, I can’t really justify spending as much time on it as I’d like and I can’t always take on the cool ideas my readers pass on to me. As a poor student about to be an even poorer graduate, I’ve had to seriously think about whether or not I can financially justify spending so much time on The Cutprice Guignol.

So, to remedy that I’ve created a Patreon. For the uninitiated, a Patreon lets readers and supporters of the blog sponsor me a small amount of money per month so I can keep doin’ what I’m doin’ (and hopefully improve it, too). There are special rewards based on how much you sponsor me (including exclusive blog posts), and if I reach a certain amount of sponsorship per month I’ll be able to take on new recapping projects and generally spend more time turning this into a real website. You can check out my Patreon page here for more information, and how to donate. Notable: if the first one of my sponsorship goals is reached, I’ll be recapping the second Fifty Shades of Grey book. Do with that what you will.

To be clear, no matter how much or how little you fabulous people decide to share with me, I’ll keep writing for the blog, and I’ll keep going with my current recapping projects. Any donations I receive will go towards giving me time to get more blog posts up every month and create a better user interface for my readers. Considering that I’m basically jingling a virtual charity tin under your nose, I appreciate any and all donations more than I can express. More than that, I appreciate all the support people who’ve read this blog have given me over the years. Thank you for reading! Here’s to another three years.