Best TV Shows Ever #15: The Walking Dead

by thethreepennyguignol

I’ve written so fucking much on this subject already that reiterating my feelings towards this zombie-Western (I’m right about this, dammit) seems pointless. But! Much as I have my issues with the later series- and my God, do I have issues- this is still a show around three flawless series, which is more than can be said for most.

Following a group of survivors lead by Sheriff Rick Grimes in a post-apocolyptic zombie wasteland, it allowed us a long, drawn-out, and interesting look at the long-term struggles facing those people who have had society ripped out from under them. Zombie movies mostly deal with one arc, one story, one great battle, one person, but Walking Dead offers us a look into a bunch of different elements, from marriage to love to birth to trying to rebuild some semblance of society. With the sexy, sexy Norman Reedus.



It’s also got an eye for some of the best action sequences imaginable- the one below has minor spoilers, but nothing too serious if you’re like me and think that spoilers aren’t the equivalent of someone telling you the date of your death. They don’t just focus on skirmishes with the undead, but the fear, the tension, and the paranoia that the zombie outbreak caused.

Sure, it’s not perfect, but it’s audacious reliance on character development over gore or cool zombie shit was precisely the right way to go. This is a show that remembered above all else that you need good characters-regardless of what else is going on- to make a show even halfway worth watching. And they had those in swathes. Except Lori. Never Lori. Everyone hates Lori.

Lori was SHIT.

Watch If: You want some cerebral zombie cleverness with plenty of twists.

Stick Around Till: An incredible scene that opens season two involving a zombie horde. Jaw-droppingly good.