The Best TV Shows Ever: #20- Vikings

by thethreepennyguignol

Starting off the list at number twenty is Vikings, which has only very recently made it on to my radar. I’ve finished the second and most recent series, and it continues to impress- an ambitious, intelligent show that doesn’t flinch away from the nastier stuff in Viking society.

I think what warmed me to this show so quickly was the history it explored: an obsession with ancient history was what sparked my initial fascination with the past which endures well over a decade later. Commissioned and created by the History channel (which has more of a reputation for creating pish shows which somehow incorporate aliens into every single episode), it’s clear that at least a modicum of research has gone into this show, and that’s a pleasure to watch. Even the Consort, who was reluctant to try it out at first, grew to like it pretty quickly. And that’s the thing- it’s a show packed full of great characters and interesting stories, and those are the basics requirements for any good show. Unlike other “historical” dramas (COUGH Games of Thrones COUGH), the story is moved on in leaps and bounds every episode thanks to a shortened first season of just nine episodes. This is good if you’re me, someone who is pathetically averse to waiting a thousand years for anything to happen, and doubly so when those plots involve awesome Viking battles, English royalty played by people apparently trying to out-Blessed Brian, and Gustaf Skasgard belting out monologues while gripping onto the bow of a storm-lashed longboat. It’s already got a dedicated fan base, and you should be part of it.

Watch If: You want a historical drama that’s more drama than history

Stick Around Till: You meet George Blagsden as the alternately curious and terrified Brother Athelstan.