The Last Action (Man) Hero

by thethreepennyguignol

Hilarious wander through the landscape of early Action Man.

The Man Place

Action Man was, frankly, a bit of a disappointment.  Like so many toys in the 1960s the reality didn’t live up to the intense anticipation and hype.  Not that you would have guessed that when Palitoy launched their new “moveable fighting man” in the UK in 1966 to a fanfare of publicity.


Action Sailor.  C’mon now, really?

The problem was that the initial launch included just three figures – Action Sailor, Action Soldier and Action Pilot.  They were, without exception, crap and were rightly and justifiably shunned by most small boys.  The box art for Action Sailor for example, showed a dramatic scene of a wetsuit clad figure complete with aqualung, dynamite and dagger.  The actual contents were very different – Action Sailor came with just a blue shirt, boots, jeans and a perky white cap.  Even to my nine year old eyes he looked worryingly like a bloke in jeans.  In…

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