Sense8 is Bloody Excellent

Look, let’s get one thing straight: I think Sense8 is a great show. But I’d be doing you a disservice, as a noted cultural critic, by not mentioning Freema Aygeman in it.

Ugh. You might remember Aygeman as Martha Jones from series three of Doctor Who, where she displayed a similairly staggering lack of acting talent. I know some things are down to taste, and some people prefer different acting styles and what have you, but I defy anyone to look me in the eye and tell me this woman can act. She’s an infuriating black hole of talent, a gaping maw of awfulness that threatens to engulf the entire show in it’s wake. She’s stilted, her accent is hilarious, her character impossible to buy into, her chemistry with the cast almost non-existent. It’s genuinely difficult to look at the screen when she’s on it, because she’s that astoundingly, unwatchably terrible. And I can’t pretend that she’s not part of the show. So, fair warning: don’t think I’m giving her a free pass just because she lucked on to Netflix’s most interesting show to date.

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