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My Very Favourite Standalone TV Episodes

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like jumping into a whole series, you know? It just feels like too much of a commitment to sit down and stick to six or eight or twenty-four episodes, when I could be spending my time brewing elaborate teas and smelling my cats head.

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Sexism is Boring

I’m bored of misogyny.

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Lost S1E18: ….In Translation

Excuse me, Sir, spare some plot for a struggling recapper? Just a little, anything helps; I have gone so long without plot, I have almost forgotten the taste of it. Is it I, stranded on the island, torn away from the decencies of reality such as a coherent, forward-motion plot? Perhaps it was me on the island all along.

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Lost Recaps S1E16: Outlaws

I was resigned, I really was.

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The Intrusively Accurate Anxiety of Pure

Honestly, I’m offended.

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The X-Files and The Monsters of That Week: Beyond The Sea

So, over here in Guignol Land, I’m handing over a new series to my delicious and delightful co-writer over at No But Listen, Kevin! An X-Files fanatic, he wants to counter my attempts to make through lost with a classic series that actually still stands up, with a deep-dive into the best episodes that The X-Files has to offer. Without further ado, enjoy his first entry into this series!

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Lost Recaps S1E7: The Moth

I knew that this was going to be bad.

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Buffy Summers, Clara Oswald, and How to Pull Off a Chosen One Story

Let us talk, for a moment, about The Chosen One.

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The Gloriously Messy Adolescence of I Am Not Okay With This

I’ve written about a lot of coming-of-age stories on this blog. Harry Potter, Carrie, a Series of Unfortunate Events, Glee, Riverdale, Sugar Rush, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Skins, you name it – if it’s about adolescence, I’ve thrown myself at it with a cheerful abandon and an attempt to obliterate the memory of my own spectacularly awkward adolescence in the process.

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