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My Illegal TV Opinions

Sometimes, when I’m laying awake at night in bed, the fevered heat of another day burning away around me, I think to myself: I am a fraud.

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Too Close and the Iceberg of Mental Illness in the Media

When it comes to psychosis, and mental illness in general, TV has one thing to say – and that’s go big, or go home.

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The Stand S1E4: House of the Dead

I just don’t understand how they managed to fuck it up this badly.

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The Stand S1E3: Blank Page

I’m sorry, what the fuck is this?

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The Stand S1E1: The End

(If you’re finding this review for the first time, please note that I’ve covered the rest of the series too, and you can find that right here!)

If you know me, have met me, or have had the misfortune of so much as sharing a train carriage with me in the last ten years, then you know that I love Stephen King’s The Stand.

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Avatar Aang and the Vitality of Joy

Okay, so I know that I’m significantly late to this. And I know that I’ve been talking an improbable amount about projects that Dave Filoni has worked on in the last few days. But I’m ready, it’s here, it’s time: it’s the Avatar: The Last Airbender article-post-meridian.

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I Hate Suzie and the Deconstruction of Female Identity

You know, a few years ago, I wrote an article wondering what it would look like for a show to deconstruct femininity the same way that so much contemporary television has deconstructed masculinity. At the time, I couldn’t come up with an answer to that question, but little did I know that it was on its way – specifically, in the form of 2020’s I Hate Suzie, created by Lucy Prebble and Billie Piper, and starring the latter.

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Jericho S1E1/2: The First Seventeen Hours/Fallout

So, with the Lost recaps finally behind me, and lockdown still continuing, and a lack of anything better to do – it seemed only right that I choose a new TV recapping project. I honestly have really enjoyed having a weekly recap to watch and write for every week, even just for that little hint of normalcy and routine that has been forcibly ejected over the last few months, so something had to take Lost’s place.

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The Purge TV Series is Good, Actually

Look, I spend a lot of time needlessly defending bad television on this blog. I get that. I do. I’m a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the terrible TV show – as the filmmaner Werner Herzog says, “the poet must not avert his eyes”. I’m sure he was talking about Riverdale when he said that.

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The X-Files and the Monsters of That Week: Badlaa

Season eight of The X-Files may be the strangest of its entire run.

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