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The Best TV Episodes of 2018

So, I usually do a list of the best TV shows of the year, which is something that I’m still planning to take on before the month is out. But there’s another list that I really want to do, and that’s the best single episodes of television this year.

Which might sound a little weird, given that surely the best episodes will be from the best TV shows, but the truth is, some of my favourite episodes of TV this year have come from shows that have been heavily patchy. The shows that shoot big often fail big, too – but when they get it right, it’s all the sweeter. So let’s take a look at the episodes of TV that have stuck with me over the course of 2018 (and maybe throw in a little snark about the ones that sucked, who knows). Spoilers ahead!

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Best Episodes Ever: The Death

Sorry for the delay between this new episode and the last – my family were visiting and also to be honest I just spent a lot of time this last week face-down in my cats belly fur. But we’re back, and this time we’re looking at something good and jolly: death. Lots of shows have tried to make death impactful – from the emotional success of American Crime Story to the shock of How to Get Away with Murder to the failure of The Walking Dead, the relative success or lack thereof can make or break a show.

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Best Episodes Ever: The Bottle Episode

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last week for my look at Bojack Horseman and the flashback! This week, I’m diving into Frasier’s first season, and a good old bottle episode.

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Best Episodes Ever: The Twist


So, week three, and it’s time we really blew our minds with a good twist. Nothing beats a twist when it’s pulled off with real panache: I wrote about this in a previous post regarding How to Get Away with Murder last year, but great twists are hard to come by, difficult to pull off, and yet every show you watch is likely frantically trying to conjure up something from that elusive alchemy that’s going to get everyone talking. Sometimes, as The Walking Dead proved last year, commitment to a bad twist can all but derail your entire show and leave your viewer base feeling cheated and disillusioned. But a good twist, done right, can change the course of a show for the better – and I think there’s no better example of that than Attack on Titan – season one, episode five, First Battle: The Struggle for Trost, Part One. I feel like it goes without saying, but there are obviously spoilers ahead for the first season of AoT, a show which is worth going into spoiler-free if you haven’t seen it already.

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Best Episodes Ever: Action

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Best Episodes Ever: The Pilot

Well, you voted for it, so here it is: the first of my new blog series, Best Episode Ever. In this series, which will run for about ten weeks, I’ll be looking at exactly what makes a great episode of television: from premiers to finales to bottle episodes to action, sex, and character studies, I’m going to be breaking down precisely what makes an episode of TV brilliant, drawing on a number of shows, old and new, in the process.

And it makes sense to start at the beginning, so I’m kicking off this series with a look at what makes a great first episode. And the show I’m using to investigate that? The Walking Dead.

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