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The Ninth Year: The Haunting of Swill House

Rape Jokes [Louise MacGregor]

Read this awesome review of Rape Jokes please and thank you!!

Reader Fox

rape jokesThe very first truth about this novel is that I feel uncomfortable just typing out its title. And I must admit that this book was difficult to rate as a result. Honestly, the first time that I saw it I was immediately pretty ready to rage scream at someone about how awful it is that someone would think it was even remotely okay or, skies forbid and to hell with the awful soul who thinks it’s funny. But, the fortunate thing about Rape Jokes by Louise MacGregor is that, despite the obviously unfortunate choice in title, the book is an insightful and respectful fictional account of a young woman’s struggle to work through the incredible trauma that comes from having been raped, realizing the truth of that fact, coming to terms with that fact, and functioning within a society that does not take that trauma seriously alongside troubling men…

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Game of Thrones, by a Fucking Idiot S8E4: The Last of the Starks

We need to talk about Jon Snow.

And trust me, I’ve done a lot of talking about Jon Snow in the years leading up to this final season. But this week’s episode, The Last of the Starks, really gives me no choice but to address the perma-pouty elephant in the room.

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