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The Ninth Year: The Haunting of Swill House

Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

I loved this movie, and I’m as surprised as you are.

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TV Characters I Would Fight: Part Seven

So, after I actually enjoyed (?!) a superhero movie (?!?!?) I feel like it’s only right that I retreat to my normal headspace of, you know, hatin’ all over everything for kicks. And that brings me to another instalment of TV Characters I Would Fight. Oh, while we’re on the subject of series – I’m currently taking votes on what my next blog series should be now that my UnREAL recaps are finished and we’re drawing to a close on Riverdale, so hit me up over there if you have something you want me to cover! And we’re at lucky number seven this time around – but not so lucky for the motherfuckers I’m going to joust with over the course of this article. Fists up, shanks drawn, let’s begin!

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