Fifty Shades of Grey Recaps: Chapter 19

by thethreepennyguignol

My exam are done, my summer begins, and everyone will be delighted to hear I have a good few months to just rant about Fifty Shades of Grey and shitty movie trailers on this blog. We left off in the last chapter with-Oh wait, shit, yes, I needed to link this first:

But yes, we left off in the last chapter with Ana and Christian were off to visit the rest of the Cullens- oops, I mean Christian’s family. Christian wakes Ana, and tells her that they’re leaving in half and hour, at which point Ana realizes he’s still in possession of her underwear from the last chapter.

Ana thinks she’s being super sexy and dirty by not asking for her underwear back but, mate, you’re meeting his folks. Maybe, y’know, wear underwear? Ana finds a glass of cranberry juice Christian left her, so at least he understands how to battle off the bane of the world that is a UTI. Who ever said this blog doesn’t teach anyone anything, eh, Heisenberg?

She gets dressed, they dance and it’s graceful and carefree and all the other adjectives I’ve heard ten thousand times already to describe Christian, and they’re off. Ana notices Christian has gone all broody (read: he’s throwing a tantrum), and Ana asks him where he learned to dance, and my Rent sense were tingling:

For the one person that gets this joke, thank you.

Christian says he’s thinking about Mrs Robinson, and Ana once again strops that the woman who molested her partner “got the best of him”, because Ana is a compassionate and kind human being, or so I keep being told by the peripheray characters in this book. She’s refers to her “irrational anger and jealousy” over Mrs Robinson, and Ana, sweetie, only one of the emotions is irrational.

Hey, you remember that last chapter were Christian acknowledged that Ana didn’t like pain?

“”Why did you use a cable tie?”

He grins at me.

“It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s something different for you to feel and experience, I know they’re quite brutal, and I do like that in a training device.””

Brutal. Yeah, brutal is not a word I generally associate with being painless. Unless I’m talking about the various epic burns I dish out during the course of the day, that may not be physically painful but sure shatter the ego. They arrive at his parents house, and his parents are wonderful and charming and his little sister is loud and gorgeous, and then head through to be with Elliot, who’s bought Kate along. Not that putrid seacow! Ana says she’s surprised by how much affection is headed her way, and I’m not particularly surprised considering she can barely mask her contempt for every person she comes into contact with.

I spent a long time finding the perfect gif to go here, and I think this is it.

Ana mentions that she’s planning on visiting her mother in Georgia, and realizes she hasn’t told Christian about it. Within a page of her mentioning her trip, she’s referenced his anger three times, before he tells her that he’s mad at her. “Palm-twitchingly” mad. Here’s something: Ana and Christian have no formal arrangement about BDSM. They have engaged what amounts to some sensation play, because Ana has said-and Christian ackowledged- the fact that Ana doesn’t really like pain. And, because Ana has thought about a trip away without talking to the man who isn’t even her  boyfriend about it, he’s “palm-twitchingly” mad. He wants to hit her, not out of fun BDSM sexytimes, because he knows that Ana doesn’t like that. He just wants to straight-up hit her for disobeying him. No sex, no contract, no sub/dom, just abuse.

Kate mentions Ana’s meeting with Jose, apparently because winding up your potentially abusive friend’s partner is the best way to force them to get help? Christ, Kate is actually kind of an awful person. Ana wonders if she should just move to Georgia where “he can’t reach me”, and worries about the thought that he might hit her. Then he tries to finger her at the table, in front of his entire family, She tries to brush him off, and he clamps down on her thigh to stop her moving. Maybe just don’t fingerbang your sex buddy while you’re having a nice dinner with the family, eh, Christian? Though as vampires who are thousands of years old, they’ve probably seen it all. I’m sorry, but the Twilight feel off this chapter is unavoidable (and yes, I read it, back in high school where I agreed to read it if the person I borrowed it off would read Carrie).

After dinner, Christian wants to show Ana the grounds.

“..he bends down, and scoops me over his shoulder.I squeal loudly with shocked surprise, and he gives me a ringing slap on the behind.

“Keep your voice down,” he growls.

Oh no…this is not good. My subconscious is quaking at the knees. He’s mad about something..”

I want my favourite Doctors bingo now. Just need a Matt Smith gif to take me home…

Now, this film was done pretty much precisely like this is the movie, and it was totally gross then in a way I couldn’t put my finger on in the book. Again, it’s the fact that Ana is scared, is not sure why she’s being punished, and doesn’t know what to expect from this scene. This is disgracefully unsafe BDSM, because he’s hitting her without her consent, because he is angry about her wanting to express her personal autonomy. This is so clearly abuse that I wouldn’t trust anyone who can’t see it.

Christian carries Ana to the boathouse, tells her he’s going to spank her then fuck her, but unfortunately we have to duck out before any stupidly boring sexing begins. Hold on in there, my sweet angels!