Movie Marathon #18: The Avengers

by thethreepennyguignol

Avengers Assemble is a movie about which I have many strong feelings (unsurprisingly). Anything written and directed by Joss Whedon (truly a God amongst Micheal Bays) instantly has my attention, as does anything with Robert Downey Junior. Throw in a handful of decent prequels, an epic tale in the works, and Tom Hiddlestone playing the sexiest Norse God ever, and I’m in.

Now, here’s the truth: I understand why people flocked to this movie in such huge numbers. I do. It’s great, in a lot of ways; a great spectacle mixed with a whole lot of fun and some adequately cool performances. But it’s absolutely not worthy of the ridiculously good reviews it achieved, and the critical and commercial success it reveled in worldwide.

Let it be known that I’m the strongest advocator of movies being, first and foremost, great fun; but The Avengers was two and a half hours of moderate entertainment, bland cliche and some slightly forgettable action sequences. Basically, it was an adequate superhero movie; no better or worse than most of the prequels and movies that would follow it. But because it was allegedly the first climax of the series-the entire team together and fighting some intergalactic threat-it was built up by hundreds of critics and rabid fans to be an EVENT.

And when it turned out to be simply as good (and, in some cases, noticeably weaker) as it’s predecessors, everyone seemed too embarrassed to admit their mistake. Taken as your standard popcorn buster of blocks, it’s perfectly fine. But it’s not groundbreaking, it’s not spectacular, and, dear God in Heaven, it’s not worth seeing four times at the cinema. You know who you are.