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Carrie Recaps: Part Six

We’re back! And, in the time it took me to get to this recap, I finished Sleeping Beauties and was just thoroughly unimpressed and bored witless by the entire third act, so basically it falls into the category of “Every Stephen King Book Written After 2000”. What is it about SK books that just go on at least a hundred pages too long? Is it that, after a dozen or so brilliant books, editors were too nervous to go “er, Stephen, this is all well and good but what’s the bloody point of any of this nonsense?” and then they just sort of had to let it slide when he kept handing in this bloated corpse of a manuscript? Is he too much of a sacred cow to even edit any more? Sigh. But there’s still some hope for those written before the turn of the millennium, and with that convoluted and grumpy opening, let’s get back to Carrie!

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Carrie Recaps: Part Five

So, for the first time in a long time, I’m actually reading a new Stephen King book. No, not this one – Sleeping Beauties, his collaboration with his son Owen King that was out last month. And I’m actually…quite liking it? It’s been a long time since I’ve read and actually made it all the way through a new SK novel (and I actively fuckingĀ detested Mr Mercedes, the trope-ridden, punishingly uninteresting wreck of a “thriller” novel that it was), and I put it down to the fact that reading Carrie with this much of an eye to the writing style has reminded me how much I enjoy King’s writing style and I’m happy to indulge in it again. Anyway, on to another chapter!

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