Sharp Objects S1E2: Dirt

You know, you can say a lot about Jean-Marc Valee’s directorial style – it took me a long time to actually come around to it and start liking it, and even now I sometimes find it a little jarring and pointed – but it brings such a distinctly cinematic feel to everything he helms. His work on Big Little Lies was, intermittently, some of the best TV direction I’ve ever seen, and Sharp Objects is already heading to those levels of sheer excellence just a couple of episodes in.

To be fair, the second episode, Dirt, really gave him a lot to work with in terms of thematic elements. Last week’s Vanish did a great job laying the groundwork for the town of Wind Rush and it’s inhabitants, and the discovery of the murdered body of the second missing girl set the scene to rip it apart again. And, well, Dirt did just that.

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