Riverdale Recaps: The Watcher in the Woods

When I first heard that Riverdale’s second season was going to be twenty-two episodes long, I was concerned. Because with shows like this one, brevity is the heart of it’s brilliance: last season worked thanks to it’s breakneck pace, refusing to slow down enough for the audience to go “uh, but, huh, bluh?”. A longer season could have spelled the show attempting to drag out it’s central plot, far enough that the whole thing started to tear. But this week’s episode, Watcher in the Woods, proved that the show is willing to explore it’s underserved corners over just dragging out one story across the season, a vast improvement over last week’s snoozefest.


Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods

Not so well served in the costume department this week: Camila Mendes. What is this outfit?! Fetishwear pyjamas?

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