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The Ninth Year: The Haunting of Swill House

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Jericho S1E7/8: Long Live the Mayor/Rogue River

You know, if there’s one thing that Jericho does right (who am I kidding, there are so very many things), it’s horror.

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Jericho S1E5/6: Federal Response/9:02:00am

Thank you so much for bearing with me during this short break – things have been enormously and unexpectedly busy the last couple of weeks, and, much as I love the chance to talk to you lovely people about this lovely show, I have mostly been lying face-down in piles of pillows and eating crisps by the multipack.

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Jericho S1E3/4: Four Horseman/Walls of Jericho

You know, I wasn’t sure how well this show was going to stand up.

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Jericho S1E1/2: The First Seventeen Hours/Fallout

So, with the Lost recaps finally behind me, and lockdown still continuing, and a lack of anything better to do – it seemed only right that I choose a new TV recapping project. I honestly have really enjoyed having a weekly recap to watch and write for every week, even just for that little hint of normalcy and routine that has been forcibly ejected over the last few months, so something had to take Lost’s place.

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