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Doctor Who Review: Revolution of the Daleks

Look, I’ll cut to the chase here: there’s nothing about these Doctor Who reviews that can claim to be remotely objective.

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The Very Best and the Very Worst of Every Doctor’s Run on Doctor Who

You know, my deliciously brilliant co-writer has been doing a series on this blog about the very best and the very worst of Monster of the Week episodes of his beloved The X-Files. And it’s gotten me thinking about my own favourite shows, especially those with a similar format – science-fiction, horror, one-off monsters….

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Doctor Who: Totally Anarchic Retelling Denotes Irreversible Shift

Well, here we are, at the end of another season of Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who: Truly, A Really Dense Initial Story

So, as this season of Doctor Who draws to a close, it seems only right that we take a look over what has already been thus far. And…well, it’s a bit of a mess, isn’t it?

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Doctor Who: Terrifying Adversary Returns to Distress Itinerant Scribes

Before we begin this week, I’d like to draw your attention, in adjacently relevant form, to the Patient Centurion, the Doctor Who writings of perhaps the only bigger Doctor Who fanatic on this corner of the internet than my dorky behind. I always love reading different takes on the Whoniverse, especially when they come from people with a real passion for the show, and this blog totally fits that bill.

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Doctor Who: Trauma! And Ruthless Deities Infiltrate Subconscious

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take a second and send your entire cast to a group therapy session, you know?

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Doctor Who: Truly Admirable Romance Delights; Illness Savages

Just…give me a minute, alright?

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Doctor Who: Throwbacks And Reminiscences Deal Intense Success

You know, I was ready to write this one off. The Judoon have never been my favourite villains for this show, and they’re right there in the title – Fugitive of the Judoon. Unless the fugitive was, I don’t know, Captain Jack Harkness or something, what could the show pull out that would actually keep me interested?


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Doctor Who: Tesla Aids Rallying Doom Insects, Sentimentally


You hear that? That’s the sound of the sigh of relief I let out when I realized that this week’s episode of Doctor Who, Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror (what a deliciously pulpy banger of a title, by the way), was going to be a historical outing. Of my favourite stories of Chris Chibnall’s run on the show, most of them have been historically-based – Rosa, Spyfall, The Witchfinders, to name a few. There have been some great futuristic or more abjectly sci-fi outings, for sure, but, as last week’s something-to-be-desired proved, this writing room is still very much finding its feet when it comes to the great beyond of the future. But the past? Yes, the past they seem to know how to handle.

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Doctor Who: Threatening Abundance Really Destabilizes Insecure Story

Doctor Who, I’ve decided, has a people problem.

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