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The Ninth Year: The Haunting of Swill House

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Let’s Talk About The Strange World of Online Eating Disorder Communities

(small side note: my next book is available for pre-order right now! Please consider grabbing a copy at a pre-release discount right here!)

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A Deep Dive into the Dismal Depths of Santa Claus Land

Now, lockdown has sent us all down a few rabbitholes, I’m sure. My latest? Theme parks. Mysteries, histories, the whole nine yards – I have become an amateur theme park enthusiast without stepping out of my own home. God, the internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

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Stay Beautiful: The Commodification of Feminist Self-Care

How are you all doing? Would you like a cup of tea? Pet my cat’s little head? Here, let me get you a blanket. You look cold. Or maybe that’s just the icy stare I’m giving the next episode of Lost I have to recap. Who knows?

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Sexism is Boring

I’m bored of misogyny.

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Creativity Right Now is Hard (But Please Keep Doing It)

I’m going to be real with you: writing this blog, this last month, has been tough.

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Stephen King’s The Stand: My Dream Adaptation Casting 2020

Hi! I’m Lou. This is my blog, where I share my Pointless Opinions (copyright pending) for your reading edification. And this week, my Pointless Opinions are rendered DOUBLY pointless: both by the fact that I have actually already written this article, and that someone else has been commissioned to create a “real miniseries” with an “actual cast” that doesn’t “refer to some weird list written by a blogger people avoid eye contact with in the street”.

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Buffy Summers, Clara Oswald, and How to Pull Off a Chosen One Story

Let us talk, for a moment, about The Chosen One.

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Trisha Paytas, Mental Illness, and the Self-Diagnosis Debate

A few days ago, Trisha Paytas released a video. The internet’s most dedicated full-time troll, it’s not exactly as though she’s a stranger to controversy, but this video hit that internet sweet-spot and soon blew up in a big cloud of outrage. In it, Paytas claimed to have Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID), which, she mentioned, she had diagnosed herself.

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Influencer Culture, Eating Disorders, and the Promise of Wellness

Wellness has a nice ring to it, right? There’s something soothing about that term. Calming. Wellness, like it’s all about shifting your life into some soft-focus place of warm, pillowy goodness. You just want to be well. It’s simple, isn’t it? Really?

Trigger warning for discussions of eating disorder behaviours.

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Bojack Horseman, Suicide, and Sad, Happy Endings

Ever since Bojack Horseman came into being, people have been trying to predict just how it would end. Spoilers ahead, for the final season and finale.

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