Expert vs Newbie: The Predator

(I’m the newbie) (and I kind of liked it)

No But Listen

Hello, and welcome to a new series on No But Listen! In this series, we’ll be looking at entries into long-running franchises from two points of view – one from that of a newbie to the series, and one from an expert. Our inaugural entry into the series is a look at Shane Black’s The Predator, the latest entry into the Predator cinematic series. To the reivew(s), you son of a bitch!


On paper it seemed like Shane Black was the perfect choice to helm a new Predator movie. The Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys director has history with the franchise, with his role in the first movie as cannon fodder for the titular predator onscreen, and as a script polisher offscreen. It’s safe to say that this guy knows what makes a great Predator movie, and for two thirds of The Predator, that promise is…

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