American Horror Story S8E1: The End

Ah, yes, we’re back: another season of TV’s bizzaro sideshow act, American Horror Story. And this is a show that I will always come to with great interest, because, no matter how bad it’s gotten (and it’s been bad), there is always something there to keep me engaged: the camp, the gore, the gleeful evil, the talented actors, the magic direction. I’ve reviewed the last couple of seasons (Roanoke and Cult), and really enjoyed writing about them week to week, because trying to make sense of this screeching mess of a show is just – well, it’s the kind of pointlessly difficult task I like to throw myself into for my own masochistic sense of self-brutality. This season, Apocalypse, brings together seasons one and three, with the promise of a post-apocalyptic nightmare drenched in Ryan Murphy’s inimitable sense of camp horror fun (oh, and since you’re obviously the kind of deviant who would be into that kind of thing if you’re here reading these recaps, check out ALPHA FEMALE, my new femdom erotica series that’s available for download right now!)

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