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The Ninth Year: The Haunting of Swill House

Health and wellbeing, a constant thorn in my side

Great post about the intersection between physical and mental health.

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As the title suggests, and as another article I have written suggests, health & wellbeing has always been something I have struggled with. I am constantly bombarded, as we all are, with images that focus on body positivity and body negativity and weight and tone and appearance. Furthermore I have messages from friends, relatives and constant reminders on my social media feed regarding the need for a summer body, i.e. a tanned, muscular, slim-line, non-cellulite, trimmed, smooth body fit for a nice stroll on a beach. On the flip side there is a constant, and I mean CONSTANT, stream of images, videos, memes and the like reminding us that to have a winter body, i.e. fat, lazy, chicken nugget eating, hairy, bulky, pale, bumpy body fit for nothing other than single life, Netflix-ing and chilling by yourself, is something that no one should EVER strive for.

My problem is that…

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Carrie Recaps: Part Sixteen

It’s a fine Sunday afternoon in my city of choice, I’m sipping watermelon-mint kombucha and wearing cat-eye sunglasses like the unacceptably awful motherfucker that I am, and it struck me that it’s been a while since we had a Carrie recap. Let’s change that and get back of the Kingwagon!

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