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Carrie Recaps: Part Eight

We’re back! And I have some recommendations for you, if you’re tuning in for another one of my internationally ignored Carrie recaps: first, Alias Grace, the new Netflix miniseries that was out last week, is one of the most bloody brilliant things I’ve ever seen and looks into the historical treatment of women in a just fascinating and moving fashion, which should be right up your street if you’re looking for something that handles women a little more consistently than this book. In the movie world, Joachim Trier’s new movie Thelma got it’s release this week, and the dreamy, violent, woman-centric coming-of-age story is extremely Carrie-esque but with less references to tits. So now you have your required reading for the week, let’s put on Wig in a Box and get into recap number eight!

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