The Interesting People Project

Hello, my loyal follower(s). I’m basically here today to do a bit of shameless self-promotion, and this is what I’m promoting:

After a spate of moderately bad luck with writing (you’d think people you’d done work for would think it polite to pay you, but no matter) I decided to do something on my own terms. So I’ve started up a blog for people, like me, trying to break into the creative industries; I’m basically interviewing a bunch of people who’s established themselves in whatever it is they do in the hopes of creating a resource for people looking for a poke in the right direction.

Please feel free to have a browse, subscribe and share it with people who might find it useful; there have been only a small amount of blood, sweat and tears put into it so far thanks to my brilliant interviewees, but there’ll be a lot more if you don’t read it. And it’ll be yours.