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The Ninth Year: The Haunting of Swill House

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The One With the Eating Disorder

Hating my body was the easiest thing in the world.  

Watching Glee Until It Gets Bad S1E16: Home

Let’s Talk About Exercise Bulimia

A Month of My Body, Again

A Year Of Getting Better

Sometimes, Surviving is Enough

The Story of Being Mentally Ill

Hi, I’m Lou, and I had a great childhood!

Notes on a Sex Object

What does it mean to objectify somebody?

Not Sick Enough

Honestly, I’m going to get back to the fun stuff soon, I am. It’s just that Riverdale has been off air for three weeks and maybe it’s the only thing giving my life meaning, you know? Well, time for one more introspective bungee-jump before it’s back tomorrow.

Tumblr, Self-Harm, and Me

This is a brief warning for people who come here for the funny jokes about Christian Grey being a wanker or retrospectives on Frasier (coming soon, folks!): this will not be particularly funny and may well be triggering for those who’ve self-harmed in the past. I’ve recently discovered tumblr, because I was forced to sign […]